Official | 2017 Honda Motorcycles / New Model Lineup Announcement #4 – Cruiser, Sport, SuperSport, Touring & Dual-Sport Bikes

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Yesterday was the kick-off for the 2016 Intermot Motorcycle Show and Honda didn’t disappoint! I’ve posted a lot the last few days so we’re going to go over it all and break it down with some new info I haven’t posted yet as well. Below are a few of the USA Motorcycles that we’ll be getting for 2017 as well as Europe-spec bikes too. You owe it to yourself though to check out some of the models that weren’t announced today by Honda of America. What models am I referring to? The 2017 CB1100 RS, CB1100 EX are just to name a couple! Will we be getting the 2017 CB1100 EX / RS in the USA for 2017? Honda hasn’t made an official announcement just yet but we will know for sure within the next 30-60 days as Honda will have wrapped up the remaining 2017 Motorcycle Announcements by then.

Some of the 2017 motorcycle models below were announced at the 2016 Intermot show that kicked off yesterday whereas some them didn’t have a ‘big’ unveiling so Honda just slid them out so-to-say as they are returning with no changes aside from some new color offerings etc. Example, the 2017 Gold Wing returns with no changes aside from color tweaks as well as the 2017 Shadow Phantom 750.

Want to read up more on each of the models just announced that you see below? Beside each of the models you’ll see a “Detailed Review of Specs” link beside them, click on those for more details on that specific model. I couldn’t cover all of the details on each model is why they all will have separate pages that cover the nitty-gritty info but I did want to touch base on some of the basics like release dates, prices etc below so you can skim through those details quickly.

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Enough of the rambling though, let’s get to what you’re here for…

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2017 CBR1000RR SP / SP2

2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP Review / Specs

American Honda announced today that the legendary CBR1000RR SP has undergone a major overhaul for the 2017 model year, with a 33 lb. weight reduction and 10 horsepower increase resulting in a 14% improvement in power-to-weight ratio.

First introduced overseas in 1992 (and in the U.S. shortly thereafter), Honda’s largest CBR has continuously reset expectations of what an open-class sport bike should be, with a holistic “Total Control” design approach that focuses on cornering, acceleration and braking. That practice is taken to the next level with the 25th anniversary CBR1000RR SP, which is also fully loaded with a cutting-edge electronics package. The result is a machine that is underpinned by the “Next Stage Total Control” concept, with nimble handling and amazing acceleration.

“Since their debut, CBR liter bikes have been designed to perform in the real world, the way real customers use them,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “We’re pleased to unveil the 2017 CBR1000RR SP, which follows in that same tradition by providing a superbly balanced package with our best power-to-weight ratio ever. It works incredibly well on track and, even more importantly, is both exhilarating and uniquely rewarding to ride out on the open road.”

The CBR1000RR SP has received a vast array of improvements, including some that come straight from the RC213V-S. Electronics play a big role, including semi-active Öhlins Electronic Control suspension (S-EC), plus a number of rider aids built around the five-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Power and torque have been increased through a higher compression ratio and revised cam timing, while ample use of magnesium (engine covers) and titanium (muffler and—for the first time on a mass-production road bike—fuel tank) have reduced weight and improved mass centralization. The twin-spar aluminum frame’s rigidity balance has been finely adjusted, and the swingarm is stiffer. Brembo monobloc four-piston front brake calipers use high-performance track-ready brake pads, while a narrower radiator and new bodywork achieve a slimmer profile.

In addition to the CBR1000RR SP, Honda is also offering a competition-focused, limited-production CBR1000RR SP2, which comes with larger valves and lighter forged-aluminum Marchesini wheels.

  • 2017 CBR1000RR SP / SP2 Colors: HRC Tri-Color
  • 2017 CBR1000RR SP / SP2 Prices: TBA
  • 2017 CBR1000RR SP Availability:
    • 2017 CBR1000RR SP Release Date: March 2017
    • 2017 CBR1000RR SP2 Release Date: May 2017

2017 CB1100 RS

2017 Honda CB1100 RS Motorcycle Review / Specs


Stripped back and lean, the CB1100 RS has the look of a 1970s race bike, with more than a hint of café racer. The curvaceous fuel tank – made without seam-welded lips – evokes hand-made craftsmanship, while the single round headlight and twin instrument dials outline a timeless silhouette. Adding crisp-edged modernity, all lighting is LED.

Backing up the sportier styling, the CB1100 RS’s chassis uses sharper geometry matched than the EX, with firmer Showa suspension, front radial-mount four-piston brakes, cast aluminium 17-inch wheels and sportsbike-spec tyre sizes. A lower, more compact riding position moves the rider’s weight forward, complementing the chassis changes.

The air-cooled four-cylinder engine breathes more easily thanks to a revised inlet tract and smaller, lighter 4-2-2 exhaust system while an assist slipper clutch makes for easier lever engagement and rear wheel stability on downshifts.

With a keener edge to its appeal and performance, the CB1100 RS is a perfect machine to cut through the city in style, and cut loose on winding roads at weekends. It exudes exquisite engineering that draws in the observer, and is also a platform ripe for customization, and ready for an owner’s imagination.

  • 2017 CB1100 RS Colors: TBA
  • 2017 CB1100 RS Prices: TBA
  • 2017 CB1100 RS Availability / Release Dates: TBA

2017 CB1100 EX

2017 Honda CB1100 EX Motorcycle Review / Specs

The CB1100 EX outlines the proportion and silhouette of a true 1970s superbike. Its curvaceous fuel tank – made without seam-welded lips – evokes hand-made craftsmanship, while the single round headlight and twin instrument dials denote Hondas from a bygone age.

Adding crisp-edged modernity, the front and rear lights are now LED and new 18-inch wheels run stainless steel spokes. Offering improved suspension compliance, the 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork is matched to Showa rear shocks.

The engine breathes more easily thanks to revised inlets and smaller, lighter dual mufflers. An assist slipper clutch makes for easier lever engagement and rear wheel stability on downshifts.

With its classic lines the CB1100 EX conjures memories, mixing the engine’s addictive performance and soulful sound with evocative appeal. It’s also a machine to savour and contemplate and everywhere you look; every angle and part is satisfyingly perfect.

  • 2017 CB1100 EX Colors: TBA
  • 2017 CB1100 EX Prices: TBA
  • 2017 CB1100 EX Availability / Release Dates: TBA

Now, we’ll get to the returning 2017 Honda motorcycles that are returning for next year but with minimal changes and tweaks aside from new colors, graphics etc…

2017 Gold Wing

2017 Honda Gold Wing Review / Specs - Touring Motorcycle

The motorcycle that singlehandedly invented long-distance comfort motorcycle touring and luxury two-up riding, Honda’s legendary Gold Wing is available in two new color combinations for 2017, as well as the familiar Candy Red. Three different trim levels are offered, the top option boasting navigation and anti-lock brakes.

  • 2017 Gold Wing Colors:
    • Gold Wing: Candy Red, Ultra Blue Metallic/Black
    • Gold Wing Navi / Gold Wing Navi ABS: Candy Red, Pearl White, Ultra Blue Metallic/Black
  • 2017 Gold Wing Prices: Starting at $23,999
  • 2017 Gold Wing Release Date: January 2017

2017 Shadow Phantom

2017 Honda Shadow Phantom 750 Review / Specs - Cruiser Motorcycle

Back for 2017 in a spectral new Matte Black Metallic color, the Shadow Phantom lives up to its name, making a powerful statement without resorting to a lot of bling. The V-twin engine has a throaty exhaust sound, and the seating position is equally comfortable for cruising or longer outings.

  • 2017 Shadow Phantom Colors: Matte Black Metallic
  • 2017 Shadow Phantom Price: TBD
  • 2017 Shadow Phantom Release Date: December 2016

2017 NM4

2017 Honda NM4 Review / Specs - DCT Automatic Motorcycle

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I already release this information on the 2017 Honda NM4 but now it is ‘official’ from Honda.

With sculpted bodywork that wouldn’t be out of place in a science-fiction movie, the innovative, limited-edition NM4 attracts attention wherever it goes, but it’s also got a practical side, thanks to its automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and integrated saddlebags.

  • 2017 NM4 Colors: Matte Black Metallic
  • 2017 NM4 Price: $10,999
  • 2017 NM4 Release Date: November 2016

2017 XR650L

2017 Honda XR650L Dual-Sport Motorcycle Review / Specs

The versatile XR650L really can do it all, including wide-open highways, rugged off-road trails and everything in between. With a bulletproof 644cc four-stroke engine, electric start and long-travel suspension, this proven dual-sport bike is good for the casual rider on-road or for more aggressive off-road adventures.

  • 2017 XR650L Colors: Red
  • 2017 XR650L Price: $6,690
  • 2017 XR650L Release Date: December 2016
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