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– New 2018 Honda GoldWing & F6B Pictures Released / Changes & Specficiation Overview –

Well, well, well… Looky at what we have here ladies and gentlemen! Some heads are probably rolling at Honda as their flagship model that you’ve probably heard of, the Gold Wing, their bread and butter touring motorcycle for the last few decades has had rumors floating around for years that new changes were in the works. Why is this a big deal? Well, for one, it’s been the pinnacle of the latest and greatest offerings from Honda for decade after decade. For two, it hasn’t been changed now (aside from slight tweaks in 2012) since 2001 when it went from the GL1500 model to the GL1800 we all know today.

Official 2018 Gold Wing & F6B Announcement – October 24th at 9:00PM EST: CLICK HERE!

2018 Honda Gold Wing Review of Specs / Features | Price, Release Date, Colors, Packages etc

2018 Honda F6B Pictures Leaked / Changes & Specs Overview

October 20th, 2017 Update / Edit: Come back here (link above) on October 24th (10/24/2017) at 9:00 PM EST as I will be able to post all of the 2018 Gold Wing nitty-gritty specs etc at that time…

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It’s now official though! Well, maybe not “official” as Honda hasn’t officially released the entire press release with detailed specs but nonetheless, we have pictures and not doctored ones like we’ve all seen floating around for years now. No more Honda GoldWing rumors to float around that changes and upgrades are in the pipeline! Why? Because these press release pictures were leaked! Remember how I mentioned in my last 2018 Motorcycle Model Lineup Announcement Update #3 that we would have  (2) more 2018 motorcycle announcements before the end of the year? One in October and one in November? The announcement in October was going to be timed right around the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show so Honda could build a lot of hype around those new 2018 motorcycle models and then show them off at the show. That idea for at least two motorcycles has been blown out of the water though thanks to these leaked 2018 GoldWing and 2018 F6B bagger pictures! How fresh is this info? Honda dealers don’t even have these pictures nor do they have any information at all regarding the 2018 Gold Wing or F6B bagger and when I say they have no information, I’m not exaggerating. Zilch. Nada. Nothing! That’s the wonderful thing about the internet though, information is so easily accessible and at your finger tips.

What do we know for sure about the 2018 Gold Wing GL1800? What 2018 Gold Wing VS 2017 Gold Wing changes are there? I can’t say a whole lot at the moment other than to go over what the pictures show due to certain reasons I’ve covered in the past.

With that said, let’s go over the obvious things we can talk about… At this time, we know the 2018 GoldWing will have (2) transmission options. You’ll have your choice of either a manual transmission with a clutch or for the first time ever you can get an automatic GoldWing in 2018 with Honda’s latest DCT transmission (DCT = Dual-Clutch Transmission). You also get the same (2) transmission choices with the 2018 F6B bagger too. We also know 2018 Gold Wing will have an electronically adjustable windshield which also carries over to the F6B model. Honda has also done away with the conventional front fork setup used on just about every motorcycle on the planet in favor of a Hossack style suspension setup in the front. Some have said this is almost identical to the BMW Telelever front suspension design but in all reality it’s closer in resemblance to the Duolever style. Why change the front suspension on the 2018 Gold Wing and F6B? To help eliminate the front-end from diving under braking and to also make it more stable. It also helps with offering an elecontrically adjustable suspension that’s also semi-active for the 2018 Wing.

2018 Honda GoldWing & F6B Front Suspension Changes / Pictures


How about the 2018 Gold Wing engine? Is it still the 1832cc six-cylinder? Yes. Were there changes to the engine for 2018 though? Yes. I will be able to cover those more in depth very very soon for you guys. The 2018 GoldWing is getting an all-new electronics package too which is a welcomed change as things have changed quite a bit since the antiquated electronic setup in the current model are rather dated since it was originally released in 2001. That is another thing we will be covering more in depth shortly but you can catch a sneak-peek at the 2018 GoldWing and F6B electronics, stereo, controls etc in the pictures above and below. Same goes for which packages Honda will be offering for the 2018 Gold Wing when it comes to the comfort package, navigation, ABS and if Honda will be bringing back the airbag for 2018 or not. Same goes for the 2018 F6B and it’s packages and whether Honda will do a Deluxe setup next to the standard model or if it’ll just be a DCT or manual transmission model and that be your only option to choose from.

2018 Gold Wing MSRP? Price? 2018 F6B MSRP? Pricing? Colors? That hasn’t been officially released from Honda like many other details I mentioned above but I will be breaking down the pricing structure for all available model options and variations in just a few weeks time. How about the 2018 Gold Wing release date? 2018 F6B release date? Same as above. This isn’t “official” but going off of my experience with Honda and new model releases after there were a ton of changes etc with the model also being announced at the end of the year… I would almost bet money you’ll see the 2018 GoldWing start releasing and arriving at dealers in around March of 2018 and the F6B would follow suit. That’s all speculation though and I will be able to post the exact release date with the rest of the information I posted above.

I won’t bore you with a lot of rambling on and on about the pictures as you guys can see them and the noticeable aesthetic changes etc.

Stay tuned though as I will be bringing you the nitty-gritty detailed 2018 Honda GoldWing specs & features as well as the 2018 Honda F6B specs & features very soon and as usual it’ll be before they go live anywhere else 😉 .

Your Thoughts and Opinions? What do you guys think about what we know so far on the 2018 Gold Wing and 2018 F6B? Do you like where things are headed? Do you like the styling or is it a little too “sporty”? How much of a price increase for the 2018 GoldWing & F6B do you think there will be with all of these changes and upgrades?

Thanks as always guys for checking out the site and if you found any of the info and or pictures helpful etc please slap that share button.