NEW 2019 Honda Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes & Scooters Announced! | Sneak Peek / Model Lineup Announcement #1

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– Honda Motorcycle Model Lineup Announcement | Release Update #1 –

It’s that time of the year again… Time for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson etc to start releasing their 2019 motorcycles! As you can probably tell by the same of my blog, we’ll only be covering Honda’s model lineup of motorcycles haha. I am working on a new blog though similar to this one but where I can cover all of the other motorcycle manufacturers. If you like the sound of that and think I should continue on with that project, throw a comment down below and let me know.

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Alright, let’s get to what you came here for… The reason I say “sneak peek” is because Honda hasn’t made this official yet and made their announcement so some of the information will be limited at this time as well as detailed pictures of each new model color and so on.

We’ll start first with the on-road motorcycle segment. The 2019 CB300R is an all-new motorcycle for the USA, a naked sport bike, not to be confused with the CB300F, which are both based off of the CBR300R platform. It was originally released as a 2018 model in select countries around the world and thankfully we’re getting it for 2019! The Grom also returns for 2019 with a mix of four new colors to choose from with a price increase to add to the mix as well, thankfully it’s only $50 bucks though.

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2019 Honda On-Road Motorcycles

2019 Honda CB300R Review / Specs | New Motorcycle from Honda: Naked CBR Sport Bike / Cafe Racer StreetFighter

  • 2019 Honda CB300R (New model for the USA)
    • 2019 CB300R Price / MSRP: $4,649
    • 2019 CB300R Colors: Matte Gray Metallic, Chromosphere Red
    • 2019 CB300R Release Date: July 2018
    • –> 2019 CB300R Review – Click Here
  • 2019 Honda CB300R ABS (New model for the USA)

New 2019 Honda Grom Motorcycles / Color Options

  • 2019 Honda Grom 125
    • 2019 Grom Price / MSRP: $3,399
    • 2019 Grom Colors: Halloween Orange, Incredible Green, Blue Raspberry, Cherry Red
    • 2019 Grom Release Date: July 2018
    • 2019 Grom VS 2018 Grom Price Increase: +$50
    • –> 2019 Grom Review – Click Here
  • 2019 Honda Grom ABS
    • 2019 Grom ABS Price / MSRP: $3,599
    • 2019 Grom ABS Colors: Cherry Red
    • 2019 Grom ABS Release Date: July 2018
    • 2019 Grom ABS VS 2018 Grom ABS Price Increase: +$50
    • –> 2019 Grom ABS Review – Click Here

Next up is the first round of 2019 scooters from Honda and that is the PCX150. The 2019 PCX150 did receive changes and I break them all down in detail that you can check out by Clicking Here.  Plus you have a new option for 2019 on the PCX and that is the PCX150 with ABS (ABS = Antilock Brakes). You also get a new color option for 2019 too which is Bright Bronze Metallic. Make sure to keep an eye out on here as I’ll be updating the rest of the 2019 scooter model lineup soon breaking down all of the details on the 2019 Ruckus, Metropolitan etc soon.

2019 Honda Scooters

2019 Honda PCX150 ABS Scooter Review: Price, MPG, Colors, Release Date, MSRP + More!

  • 2019 Honda PCX150
    • 2019 PCX150 Price / MSRP: $3,699
    • 2019 PCX150 Colors: Bright Bronze Metallic
    • 2019 PCX150 Release Date: July 2018
    • 2019 PCX150 VS 2018 PCX150 Price Increase: +$100
    • –> 2019 PCX150 Review – Click Here
  • 2019 Honda PCX150 ABS (First time ABS has been offered in the USA)

Next up in this announcement are with Honda’s 2019 CRF dirt bikes or trail bikes as some would call them. The CRF50F makes its return, of course. The big news though is that the CRF230F is returning after a one-year hiatus that I talked about in this blog post here. I’ll have more details on the 2019 CRF450R, CRF450RX, CRF250R, CRF110F and the rest of the model lineup soon…

2019 Honda CRF Dirt Bikes

2019 Honda CRF50F Kids Dirt Bike Review / Specs | Off-Road / Trail Motorcycle

  • 2019 Honda CRF50F
    • 2019 CRF50F Price / MSRP: $1,499
    • 2019 CRF50F Colors: Red
    • 2019 CRF50F Release Date: June 2018
    • 2019 CRF50F VS 2018 CRF50F Price Increase: +$50
    • –> 2019 CRF50F Review – Click Here

2019 Honda CRF 230F Review / Specs / Changes | CRF230F Dirt Bike / Off-Road Motorcycle / Trail Bike

  • 2019 Honda CRF230F
    • 2019 CRF230F Price / MSRP: $4,349
    • 2019 CRF230F Colors: Red
    • 2019 CRF230F Release Date: June 2018
    • 2019 CRF230F VS 2018 CRF230F Price Increase: Honda skipped 2018 on the CRF230F so technically it’s 2019 CRF230F VS 2017 CRF230F and there is a $50 price increase.
    • –> 2019 CRF230F Review – Click Here
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  1. Has Honda officially killed the CRF150F for 2019? If so, that sounds like a bad mistake. Some youth fall between the sizes of the CRF125FB and the tall seat of the CRF230F. Also, there is a huge performance jump between the two– 8.9 HP vs 19 HP.

    Mark Phelps /
  2. I heard a rumor on the net yst from someone who ‘has Honda Thailand insider’ sources that Honda will be doing a bigger version of the CBR250RR fopr 2019. Have been hearing that for a while now!

    Al Weir /

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