New 2022 Honda CB500X, CBR500R, CB500F Changes Releasing Soon… Sneak Peek!

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– New 2022 CBR500R, CB500X and CB500F Announcement with Changes coming soon… –

New 2022 Honda CB500X Changes Releasing Soon / Sneak Peek | 2022 Adventure Motorcycle

It’s time for Honda’s hottest selling trio of motorcycles to get another round of changes! Now, these changes won’t be a massive leap forward for the bikes but rather a small refresh.


How do we know that we have 2022 CB500 model lineup changes releasing soon? It’s all thanks to some “leaked” European documents that were submitted for approval before the official 2022 CB500F / CBR500R / CB500X announcement date!

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What will Honda be changing on them? It’s unclear as to exactly what the changes will be but we do have some hints thanks to these documents. 

They state that the weight for the 2022 CBR500R and CB500F haven’t changed but the 2022 CB500X is going to be about 2kg heavier which comes to about 4.4 lbs. That could mean we’re going to see a slight bump in fuel tank size for the 2022 CB500X. There’s no guarantee though so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

New 2022 Honda CBR500R Changes Releasing Soon / Sneak Peek | 2022 CBR Sport Bike Motorcycle

Now, when it comes to styling – who knows what Honda might be working on and if they’ll be making slight tweaks or they could stay the same but we do know that all three 2022 CB500 models will have slightly wider dimensions. The current CBR500R is 29.7 inches wide whereas the 2022 CBR500R will be 29.9 inches wide. The CB500F is 31.1 inches wide and the 2022 CB500F width bumps up to 31.5 inches. While the CB500X gets the same treatment and goes from 32.5 inches to 32.7 inches wide.


What else do we know? Finally, the 2022 CB500X / CBR500R / CB500F models will be getting more braking power thanks to the addition of a second brake caliper and rotor up front! This means that Honda will also have to change their forks and wheels too, to account for that addition. Will they keep the same style but just add the necessary mounting hardware for them? Time will tell and thankfully we’re not far off from the official 2022 CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X announcement / release date… and we may have something before then to go off thanks to some leaked pictures that may come out. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse at a new CB500R soon too!

Disclaimer: Most of you know but just in case you don’t, the pictures you see above are from the 2021 model year. The 2022 models haven’t released yet so that’s why we’re using 2021 pictures.

New 2022 Honda CB500F Changes Releasing Soon / Sneak Peek | 2022 Naked Sport Bike Motorcycle


The “official” 2022 CB500X, CBR500R and CB500F announcement was just released! Check them out by Clicking Here or you can check out the video below explaining all of the new 2022 CB500 model lineup changes and updates!

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