New 2022 Honda CRF190L Adventure Motorcycle Leaked! | More smaller Africa Twin models on the way…

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– New 2022 Honda CRF Adventure Motorcycle Leaked: the CRF190L! –

New 2022 Honda CRF190L Adventure Motorcycle Released | CRF Dual Sport Bike

Right off the heels of Honda releasing the New 2022 CB200X adventure motorcycle that we talked about last week, we have another new adventure bike for 2022 and that’s the CRF190L! 

Now, don’t get too excited just yet if you’re a fellow American as this bike was announced for China’s motorcycle market. Now, some of you may be asking – why am I talking about this if it won’t be sold in America? …and my answer to that is, because I think it’s cool! Different models from around the world have always fascinated me and some of them end up making their way to the USA later on in their life and it’s cool to track them throughout the process. We won’t be doing a deep dive on it like we do with other models, I just wanted to share the model with you guys though and touch on a few highlights of the bike.

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New 2022 Honda CRF190L Adventure Motorcycle Released | CRF Dual Sport Bike

What do we know about the new 2022 Honda CRF190L so far? It looks like it’ll be quite the capable bike. Is it an Africa Twin? Umm, no. However, for those that want a super light package to hit the trails and get their adventuring in – this thing would be hard to beat! The CRF190L has a curb weight of 319 pounds (145kg), making it the lightest of the adventure motorcycles on the market. Granted, it’s not by a lot but every pound counts!

The CRF190L is utilizing the XR190L’s engine which is a 184.4cc air-cooled single-cylinder that pumps out a ground shattering 15.6 horsepower at 8,500 RPM and 11.5 lb/ft torque at 6,000 RPM. All of the details haven’t been “officially” released yet so we’re unsure what transmission it’ll be using. When it comes to suspension, it’s packing 7 inches of suspension travel and they’re claiming 9.4 inches of ground clearance which isn’t too shabby at all!

New 2022 Honda CRF190L Adventure Motorcycle Released | CRF Dual Sport Bike

Will the CRF190L ever be sold outside of China? It’s a possibility as this model has some features like ABS that open the doors for other markets. The fact that it’s air-cooled rules out the possibility of it hitting anywhere near Europe are slim though as it won’t meet Euro 5 emissions.

Your thoughts? All in all, I think it’s a pretty cool little bike that could possibly sell well here in the USA BUT it all depends on its price point. If they could keep it in the sub $4,000 range, I think it would turn out to be pretty popular. However, if it exceeds the $4,000 price tag then you would be better off just going with the CRF300L at $5,299 or the CRF300L Rally at $5,999. Would you like to see Honda bring some of these smaller motorcycles over here?

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