NEW 2022 Honda Monkey 125 Changes Releasing Soon… | Sneak Peek!

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– Sneak Peek: First Look at the New 2022 Honda Monkey 125! –

NEW 2022 Honda Monkey 125 Motorcycle Changes!

Could we be looking at the new 2022 Honda Monkey 125 for the USA market? Oh yes! Honda of Thailand just announced their 2021 Monkey 125 with a few changes thrown its way…


But Kevin, we already have the 2021 Monkey 125 here in the USA and it’s the same as a 2020. Yes, that’s true. Model years don’t carry over from country to country though! Their 2021 is not the same as our 2021 and vice versa. 

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UPDATE: New 2022 Honda Monkey 125 Review / Specs + New Changes Explained – Click Here

2022 Honda Monkey 125 Review / Specs + NEW Changes Explained | USA Release Info plus more on this 125cc Vintage / Retro styled Mini Bike Motorcycle

So, what do we know about the 2021 but would be our 2022 Honda Monkey 125 changes? First up is the most important and that comes in the way of its engine and drivetrain. Our 2022 Honda Monkey 125 will have a new engine. It’s a 125cc two-valve air-cooled engine, with 50mm bore and 63.1mm stroke (previously 52.4mm x 57.9mm), and compression ratio of 10.0:1 (previously 9.3:1).

If performance numbers are matching that of the 2022 Grom 125, here’s what we’re looking at: Peak horsepower, all 9.7 of it arrives at 7,250 RPM (7.2kW), with peak torque of 7.7 lb/ft at 5,500 RPM (10.5Nm).

Next up on the list of new 2022 Monkey 125 changes show up in the transmission. Honda ditched the 4-speed transmission for the Monkey that has been used in the Grom too since 2013 and it’s now packing a new 5-speed transmission. So your new Monkey can handle higher-speed cruising at a more relaxed pace – so Honda says.

And that’s pretty much it aside from graphic and color changes to the Monkey. You’ll notice the tanks are different and wheel color etc. Learn more about the new 2022 Monkey 125 changes by clicking over and checking out the New 2022 Honda Grom 125 Changes here.

What do you guys think about the new Honda Monkey 125 engine and transmission changes?

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