NEW 2022 Honda Super Cub 125 Changes on the way…? | Sneak Peek!

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– Sneak Peek: First Look at the New 2022 Honda Super Cub C125…? –

2022 Honda Super Cub 125 Scooter / Motorcycle | Reviews & Specs

Could we be looking at the new 2022 Honda Super Cub 125 for the USA market? Oh yes! Honda of Thailand just announced their 2021 Super Cub with a few changes thrown its way…

But Kevin, we already have the 2021 Super Cub here in the USA and it’s the same as a 2020. Yes, that’s true. Model years don’t carry over from country to country though! Their 2021 is not the same as our 2021 and vice versa. 

So, what do we know about the 2021 but would be our 2022 Super Cub 125 changes? Most noticeably is the seat! Check that puppy out! You can now carry a passenger down the road but be prepared to lose some of that little 125’s oomph when it comes to performance. 

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Next up are the 2022 Super Cub 125 engine changes! Visibly you can see changes and Honda also changed the bore and stroke to 50×63.1mm from 52.4 x 57.9mm. The compression ratio was also bumped from 9.3:1 to 10:1. It’s difficult to say what else has been tweaked internally but the transmission is still the same semi-automatic 4-speed. They don’t advertise horsepower numbers so we don’t know what kind of performance changes might have happened throughout these engines changes to the new Super Cub. Hopefully we’ll at least see a small bump in torque and horsepower and this wasn’t all for nothing in that aspect. 

And that’s pretty much it. Well, aside from some new and different color options which are never a bad thing. It’s just a shame we usually get the shaft here in America when it comes to color options. I understand why on some bikes, especially like this but it doesn’t mean I still can’t complain haha! There’s nothing ground breaking here but changes are a good thing (usually) and always nice to see, rather than the usual “new colors!” announcements that we get each year on some models. 

What do you guys think about the new Honda Super Cub 125 changes? Do you want to see Honda release this version in the USA? I vote yes and give us the blacked out Super Cub!

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