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– New 2023 Honda Electric Motorcycle & Scooter Announcement Sneak Peek! Electric ATV & UTV Off-road next? –

NEW 2022-2023 Electric Honda Motorcycle, Scooter Announcement News | Future Electric ATV, Side by Side, UTV, SxS

Honda just had a press conference where they talked about how they will be selling 100% electric vehicles by 2040. Honestly, I didn’t walk away very happy after hearing that news as I’m a massive Honda automobile fan too. I’ve owned countless models and my favorite, hands down – the Honda S2000. The experience you get while rowing through the gears and hearing that 9,000 rpm redline as the engine screams like it’s sitting in your lap. The days of Honda building new cars where the engine is a masterpiece, something that you would prefer to listen to over the radio. Those days are gone when electric cars take over. No more being able to hop in your new car and do this just because you love the way the engine sounds:


But, before I bore you any more with my pouting about the situation that really doesn’t affect me as I’ll be an old man by then haha. Let’s talk about why you clicked on this page and that has to do with new electric motorcycles and scooters from Honda that WILL be coming by 2024 and we’ll see more in the 2022 – 2023 model year and of course we’ll also see some new electric concept motorcycles released shortly as well to wet your whistle in the meantime. Here’s what Honda had to say as of April 25th, 2021 when it comes to the future of electric motorcycles and Honda:

NEW 2022 - 2024 Electric Honda Motorcycles & Scooters Model Lineup Announcement

Honda will strive to lead the motorcycle industry at the forefront of its environmental initiatives with an approach which will include not only electrification but also the improvement of the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines, utilization of biofuels and other strategies.

  • The key to successful electrification of motorcycle products is to consider the battery, which is still expensive, separately from the motorcycle. In developed countries, where electrification is in strong demand by society, we will pursue electrification utilizing Mobile Power Pack, targeting our B-to-B (business-to-business) and B-to-G (business-to-national/local governments) customers.

Honda Mobile Electric Power Pack Technology / Generator | CES 2018

  • For personal-use customers, we must not only enhance our product lineup but also make a large number of battery-swapping stations available and ensure convenience to users by making them compatible with EVs of other makers. To this end, Honda has established a consortium with other motorcycle OEMs in Japan and Europe, respectively, to develop technology standards for swappable batteries. You can learn more about the partnership with Honda and Yamaha, KTM, Piaggio for electric bikes by Clicking Here. Honda has a vision to expand Mobile Power Pack applications beyond motorcycles to power products and micro-mobility products. With this vision, we have begun demonstration testing in India using “rickshaw” type tricycle taxis.

Electric Honda Gyro 3 Motorcycle Trike / Scooter

  • To accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, in addition to introducing GYRO e: and GYRO CANOPY e: in the area of business-use bikes, scheduled for this year, we are going to introduce three new EV models in the area of personal use, in classes with engine sizes of below 50cc and below 125cc., by 2024. We also will introduce new products in the “FUN” area as well.

Long story short?

Honda Side by Side Accessories / Parts | Pioneer / Talon

Honda plans to announce (3) new electric motorcycle models by 2024 that are for personal use and not business use like some of their other product lines. These won’t be full-size electric motorcycles, Honda is aiming for something smaller with these new electric models fitting into categories where you would normally see a 49 cc scooter like the Metropolitan and Ruckus scooters. They are also going to be doing a slightly larger electric bike too, something that would fit into the below 125 cc category similar to the Grom 125 and Monkey motorcycles. Check out the most recent electric Grom sized motorcycle for the future that Honda is working on by Clicking Here. When will the first electric Honda motorcycles and scooters start to release in the USA though? That’s the million dollar question that we’re still a little ways out from being able to answer with any certainty. 

We’ve talked about the electric Mobile Power Pack solution that Honda is working towards, here’s an article from a couple of years ago that I did on that if you’d like to check it out – Click Here.

Honda Mobile Electric Power Pack Generator | CES 2018

2019 / 2020 Honda Pioneer Side by Side | UTV | SxS | ATV | 4x4 Utility Vehicle - SXS500

Add that in with all of the electric motorcycle patents that Honda has been filing and Honda is definitely hard at work to bring electrification into the powersports world. How all of this is going to pan out with electric ATVs, electric UTV / SxS / Side by Side models and electric motorcycles etc is definitely going to be interesting. Am I looking forward to it though? From the fact that I’m super curious on how all of this goes down, yeah I’m looking forward to it. 

However, when you look at it like this might be the beginning of the end – it starts to become a tad bit saddening. Will our motorcycle industry end up banning gas engine just like the auto industry is trying to do with cars? I know, I know – “first world problems” here with a guy complaining about what might happen in the future but I’m just thinking aloud. Am I saying it’s going to happen? No. Could it happen any time soon? Heck no, we’re still a loooong ways off from this even remotely being a possibility. But, it IS a possibility… and the thought of losing an engine, the thing that gives so much to our overall experience while riding our motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs etc – doesn’t make me jump up and down with joy.

Electric Honda Pioneer Utility Vehicle / Golf Cart style ATV / Side by Side

Disclaimer: I’m not against electric motorcycles and side by sides. As I’ve said on here before, I’m all for it and can 100% see their benefits and where they would sell well and why in some instances they are legitimately better than their gas counterpart. All I’m saying is that I hope for a world where they can live together, I hope electric bikes and off-road toys can be sold next to each other and there isn’t a push to ban internal combustion engines in our powersports world. It’s supposed to be about fun and I don’t want to see such a key and pivotal item that is involved in the fun factor – removed. I’m crazy though so don’t listen to me, I’m just bringing the news haha.

What do you think?

Thoughts? Concerns? Are you for or against electric motorcycles? For or against electric ATV and Side by Side / UTV toys? Are you excited to buy one? What does this electric motorcycle have to do for you to buy it over an ICE bike? I could ask about a million questions haha but I’m just curious about the conversation here. It’s a big one and can be taken so many different ways. 

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