Is the 2023 Honda DAX 125 closer to a USA Release after New Announcements?

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– USA Release Date Closer for 2023 Honda DAX 125 / ST125? –

2023 Honda DAX 125 Motorcycle Review / Specs | Vintage / Retro Mini Bike - miniMOTO Automatic Motorcycles

We’ve all been pining over the American release of the New 2023 Honda DAX 125, also known as the ST125 after its announcement back in March for the European market that we covered in the video below as well as back in January when it was just a “rumored” motorcycle. 


But, what’s new? Well, Indonesia just announced this month (August) the release of the DAX mini bike which means this little guy is now spreading to more and more countries and we talk about the latest news revolving around the DAX in the video below…

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American Honda was / is planning to make an announcement with their 2023 miniMOTO motorcycle model lineup in August, but… A lot of dates have been wiggled around though thanks to the ongoing pandemic effects that have created serious production and shipping delays for motorcycles and scooters all over the world as we covered in the video below with quite a few new models having their orders suspended.


With that being said, I can’t say that it’ll be in the August announcement as there are other 2023 miniMOTO motorcycles Honda hasn’t announced yet like the 2023 Monkey 125 and 2023 Super Cub. Of course, I can’t “guarantee” one way or the other but when you add it all up with this model being imported into more corners around the world, you would think that we’ll soon be receiving the announcement that the DAX is coming to the USA. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed! 

Want to learn more about the Honda DAX? Check out more information by Clicking Here or on the image below.

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2023 Honda DAX 125 Review / Specs: Price, Colors, Release Info + More! | ST125 Motorcycle / Vintage & Retro Mini Bike - miniMOTO