New 2024 Honda CL750 Scrambler Releasing Soon?

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– New 2024 Honda CL 750 Scrambler Motorcycle Release Date Coming? –

2024 Honda CL750 Scrambler | CG Rendering 

Could we see a new Honda CL750 Scrambler bike set to release soon, for the 2024 motorcycle model lineup? Let’s dive into it…

As many of you already know, old is new again and not only in the auto industry where almost all of the car manufacturers out there have dipped their toes into the idea of bringing back some of their models from back in the day. While some weren’t “brought back” as they’ve still been in production, many of those had some of their styling updated in ways that were throwbacks to the original from many moons ago.

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Well, Honda isn’t immune to this and they’ve done the same thing with countless models ranging from the Super Cub to the Monkey, CT125, Dax, CB350 / GB350, Transalp and the list goes on.


More importantly, that list contains a group of models with the CL badge. Honda recently announced the return of their CL scrambler styled motorcycles with the CL250 and CL500 and I believe a CL300 is right around the corner for those countries that no longer offer the 250 engine variants.

2023 Honda CL500 Scrambler Review / Specs - New Motorcycles

How do we get to where we’re talking about the possibility of a CL750 scrambler though? Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock over the last 12 months… Honda also, on top of the new CL models released a new Transalp 750 (XL750) and Hornet 750 (CB750) that both share the same, all-new 270-degree, 755cc parallel twin-cylinder 8-valve engine. A package that pumps out a healthy 90.5 horsepower and 55 ft/lb torque. Now, Honda isn’t going to spend all of that money in R&D to develop a new engine and only use it in two motorcycles! They want to make sure they can recoup some of that $$ and to do that, they need to throw it into more, new motorcycles.

What kind of new motorcycle is Honda investing a lot of money into, that they think will sell extremely well on a world-wide scale? Yup. Their new, well not new, returning line of CL scrambler bikes!

2024 Honda GB750 Motorcycle | CG Rendering 

So, a Honda CL Scrambler 750 makes sense but so does a GB750 that we talked about earlier (shown above). Which one makes more sense? That’s a difficult one, if you had to only pick one of the two to invest a LOT of $$ into bring to production. 

2024 Honda CL750 Scrambler | CG Rendering 

If we see Honda bring a CL750 Scrambler to the 2024 motorcycle lineup though with an announcement in 2023, in my opinion, they HAVE to step up the suspension and brakes from what they’re using on the existing CL250 / CL500. If they don’t rob those components off the Transalp / Hornet like they will with the engine – there’s going to be waaaaay too much performance behind this bike with the tiny braking setup that’s currently being utilized and I’d really like to see a LOT better suspension setup too over what’s on those CL bikes right now. The only downfall to that though is the more we step up those pieces, the more the price increases so it’s a fine line to walk.

That’s enough of me rambling on though, hopefully you guys are as excited as I am when it comes to what might be coming down the pipeline over the next 12-18 months!


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CG rendering of the CL750 by Autoby.

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