New 2024 Honda GB750 Motorcycle Releasing Soon?

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– New 2024 Honda GB750 Motorcycle Release Date Coming? –

2024 Honda GB750 Motorcycle | CG Rendering 

With the recent release of the new Honda Hornet 750, also known as the CB750 for the naked sport bike fans out there.


And the release of the new Honda Transalp 750, also known as the XL750 for all of the adventure motorcycle guys.

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2023 Honda Transalp XL 750 Review / Specs - New Adventure Motorcycle

It leaves us to wonder, what other new motorcycle does Honda have in the works for this new and very potent 270-degree, 755cc parallel twin-cylinder 8-valve engine? This 90.5 horsepower and 55 ft/lb torque powerplant is almost guaranteed to make it into a new CBR750R or possibly CBR750RR, to replace some of Honda’s inline four-cylinder engine models but what else could it be thrown in?

Honda GB 750 Engine

 Well… There is one platform that’s been that’s been gaining in popularity around the world and that is Honda’s new GB350 motorcycle! Originally known as the Honda CB350 H’ness (shown below) when it was released in India but dubbed as the GB350 when released in Japan.

2021 Honda CB350 H\

Long story short. Will Honda take this awesome engine they’ve built and throw it in a classically styled motorcycle for all of the riders out there that want a more “vintage” hotrod? I still think we need to see the GB350 imported here to the US, Europe and more corners around the world as I think it’d sell like hot cakes in that price range, but… A GB750 with 90 horsepower, in a fairly light package with the right design behind it – would sell extremely well because there are a LOT of people that want that styling but don’t want to take step down in performance, like they would be with the 350.

2024 Honda GB750 Motorcycle | CG Rendering 

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens but if I were a betting man, I’d say there’s a decent chance of this “rumor”, becoming a reality. Why? Because it makes sense. However, as much as I love Honda, sometimes they don’t do what makes sense haha 😉


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CG rendering of the GB750 by Autoby.

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