Unboxing and Building the Future of Motorcycles?

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– Building the 1st Electric Motorcycle from Honda in the USA! –

New Electric Honda Motorcycle / Dirt Bike Released! CRF-E2 Unboxing / Greenger Motors

We’ve got something special to dive into today… Honda has already started selling electric scooters in other corners of the world but they haven’t dipped their toes in the electric motorcycle world, more specifically – electric dirt bikes, yet…

That’s where this electric dirt bike comes into play with American Honda working out a licensing deal with Greenger Motors to build the New CRF-E2 e-bike. Making it the first electric motorcycle to wear the Honda badge here in America! We’re going to dive into this electric CRF-E2 and see how it stacks up against other small CRF dirt bikes like the CRF50 and CRF110, two models that are direct competitors for this little guy. Some will love it and some will hate undoubtedly but this is an option to get more kids on motorcycles and because of that, I’m all for it! Well, let me clarify – I’m all for electric motorcycles, until the day comes where they start trying to phase out our internal combustion engine toys. I’ve went on long rants in previous videos about why so I won’t bore you guys here with that, instead, let’s dive into what this bike is all about and see if it may have some features that interest you over the options we currently have on the market…

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