NEW Electric Honda Motorcycles on the way… for 2022 or beyond? | Official Announcement Released!

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– Electric Honda Motorcycles Official Announcement + New Patent Documents filed show more of what Honda is working on… –

Looking for an electric Honda motorcycle to buy in the near future? It looks like your day is coming… but how soon? Will Honda’s 2022 motorcycle lineup include an electric bike or will it be 2023 and beyond before we see an electric motorcycle out of Honda? Don’t forget to check out the bottom of the page and let me know your opinion on electric motorcycles and the future of gas engines with a couple of questions I bring up on this very polarizing topic in the powersports industry.

New Electric Honda Motorcycle News + Official Announcement on New Models

Just as new Honda patent documents are released showing that Honda is still working on electric motorcycles, we have this press release (below) dropped from Honda of Europe:

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Honda announced today that the company has signed a letter of intent with KTM AG, Piaggio & C SpA and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. to set up a Swappable Batteries Consortium for Motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles.

In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and the transition to electromobility, the founding members of the Consortium believe that the availability of a standardized swappable battery system would both promote the widespread use of light electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable life-cycle management of batteries used in the transport sector. Also, by extending the range, shortening the charging time and lowering vehicle and infrastructure costs, the manufacturers will try to answer customers’ main concerns regarding the future of electromobility. 

The aim of the Consortium will, therefore, be to define the standardized technical specifications of the swappable battery system for vehicles belonging to the L-category; mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles. By working closely with interested stakeholders and national, European and international standardization bodies, the founding members of the Consortium will be involved in the creation of international technical standards.

The Consortium will start its activities in May 2021. The four founding members encourage all interested stakeholders to join the cooperation to enrich the Consortium’s expertise.

Noriaki Abe | Managing Officer, Motorcycle Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 “The worldwide electrification effort to reduce CO2 on a global scale is accelerating, especially in Europe. For the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles, problems such as travel distance and charging times need to be addressed, and swappable batteries are a promising solution. Considering customer convenience, standardization of swappable batteries and wide adoption of battery systems is vital, which is why the four member manufacturers agreed to form the Consortium.

Honda views improving the customers’ usage environment as an area to explore cooperation with other manufacturers, while bringing better products and services to customers through competition. Honda will work hard on both fronts to be the ‘chosen’ manufacturer for customer mobility.”

What does this mean? Honda is definitely still hard at work on bring electric to their powersports side of the business and even though we’ve seen patent documents for years now with nothing to come out of them yet, doesn’t mean Honda isn’t still hard at work to make sure the final production form is as good as it gets. At least, that’s what we hope the reasoning is when they take a while to develop something new. What makes it interesting is that we’re adding in multiple manufacturers to the mix to development a standardized and swappable battery pack which should drive down development costs which in return should hopefully be cheaper for us. What does it all really mean though? We don’t know haha. We know they are still working on developing what they consider to be the best package but we’ll have to wait and see what happens and they plan to start their “activities” in May of 2021. Now, let’s talk a little more about the new patent documents that were just released by Honda on taking a CB125R and turning it electric below…

 Honda Motorcycles / Concept Bikes - Electric Riding Assist-e Self Balancing Motorcycle

Check out some of the older articles where I’ve covered new electric motorcycle info over the years and also the electric side by side / UTV concept that Honda unveiled a few years back by Clicking Here. Here’s the concept motorcycle section and you’ll see where a lot of them turned into production models shortly after – Click Here.

Honda Pioneer Electric Side by Side / UTV / ATV / SxS Utility Vehicle

On the new electric Honda motorcycle patents that were just released, you can see the overall landscape and how they are considering the battery and motor placement. The battery is up rather high so I’m hoping they have some tech to keep the battery on the lighter side of things as that can definitely alter how a bike handles. Maybe it’ll have the swappable battery packs they are mentioning and what was also noted in the first electric Honda side by side concept. When it comes to sizing, it looks like these electric motorcycle patents are based off of the CB125R which makes sense for them to toy around with a smaller package first and then move up the lineup depending on sales and development. 

New Electric Honda Motorcycle News + Official Announcement on New Models

You can also see where they made the originally non-functional vents on the CB125R, functional so that way you have airflow to where the battery will be stored – in what would be your fuel tank if it wasn’t an electric motorcycle. 

It looks like they are also wanting to keep it chain drive like a ‘normal’ motorcycle instead of opting for a belt drive like other electric motorcycles on the market from other manufacturers.

New Electric Honda Motorcycle News + Official Announcement on New Models

Your thoughts? / My thoughts…

What do you guys think about electric motorcycles as a whole? It’s a pretty polarizing topic in the industry and you have your people that love or hate the idea with a few mixed in there that are straddling that line. Are you worried that we’ll eventually see what is happening in the auto industry and they will start to phase out all internal combustion engine motorcycles and the only thing rolling off their production lines will be electric motorcycles?

I know it’s not something we have to worry about happening within the next 10 years but it doesn’t seem that far fetched to think it’s possible within 20 years – if it’s pushed for. Call me a conspiracy theorists but that has me worried. I can see the pros and cons of electric motorcycles and I know they have a place in the powersports industry that will be highly profitable, I just don’t want to see them replace what 99.99% of us grew up loving and that’s the sound of an engine. Every engine is different, they have character and are part of the whole experience that gets our adrenaline pumping. I don’t care how fast the electric counterpart is, it can’t replace that part of the experience. I’m not against electric, it’s just that an ICE engine puts a larger smile on my face. Example, was out playing with my RC trucks last night and one is a Traxxas Maxx that is electric and runs off a 4S setup and is stupid fast for what it is. I also have a Traxxas Revo 3.3 nitro truck and it is much slower, it’s more of a hassle to run as you’re always tuning on the engine to get it “just right” whereas the electric one I just plug it in and go rip. Which one puts a bigger smile on my face and do I enjoy driving more? The nitro truck! There’s just something about ripping through the RPMs and letting it scream, no matter what kind of toy you’re playing with – motorcycles, ATVs, Side by Sides etc. * In my opinion. 

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