Video: NEW Honda CRF-E2 Electric Dirt Bike Released! | E Motorcycle News

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– Honda’s First Electric Motorcycle for the USA… First Look at The CRF-E2 Electric Dirt Bike by Greenger! –

New Electric Honda Dirt Bike / Motorcycle Released | First Look at the CRF-E2, the Electric CRF! | E Bikes

Looking for an Electric Honda Motorcycle? How about the first Electric CRF Dirt Bike from Honda? This is it, say hello to the New CRF-E2! Well, it’s “kind of” a Honda… We’ll dive into that and more in the video below where we talk about the range this E dirt bike has, how long it takes to recharge, how will service / warranty work and what will parts availability be like with your Honda dealer for the CRF-E2 since this isn’t made by Honda but Greenger Powersports. Is this electric trail bike from Honda going to replace the other CRF models as we know it? Let’s talk about that and more in the video below where we dive into all of the details you need to know about Honda’s first electric motorcycle for the USA…


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