2019 = Electric Motorcycles from Honda + Self Balancing? Say What…. | 2017 Tokyo Motor Show News (“Honda Riding Assist-e”)

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– 2019-2020 Motorcycles = The Year of Electric Bikes from Honda?  –

New 2019 - 2020 Honda Motorcycles / Concept Bikes - Electric Riding Assist-e Self Balancing Motorcycle

Sometimes I wonder and ponder to myself, do I like where the future of motorcycling may be going? Do you? I just can’t wrap my head around all motorcycles turning electric and I hope that day never happens while I’m still able to throw a leg over a bike. I’m not “anti-electric” as I can see their place in the world and understand the benefits and am fine with them living in harmony with our should I say “normal” internal-combustion engines but I just hope I never see the day that they replace them. To me, you just can’t beat the sound of an engine screaming at high RPMs – there is nothing like it! Before I go on a rant that I didn’t mean to start haha let’s take a look at one of the motorcycles and pieces of technology below that they will be bringing to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show that kicks off on October 25th. Once Honda releases all of the nitty-gritty details behind this bike I’ll update this page for those that would like more detailed information. Want to stay up-to-date with hourly / daily updates from the Tokyo Motor Show? This page (direct link) will be getting updates hourly starting on October 25th – Click Here. (Update / Edit): Check out my Sneak Peek look at which Motorcycles / Scooters & Cars will be on Display this year by Clicking Here.

Update / Edit: The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has now kicked off and in full-swing! Check out my hourly Tokyo Motor Show Updates by Clicking Here.

Do you remember the Honda Riding Assist (click here)? Honda originally released this technology last year and blew people’s minds with videos showcasing a motorcycle that balances itself all on its own with no assistance from the rider. That concept motorcycle was based off of the CTX 700 model lineup and now Honda is back again this year and ready to showcase this technology with an all electric bike dubbed the:

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What is the Honda Riding Assist-e? | The Honda Riding Assist-e is an experimental motorcycle featuring Honda’s unique balance control technology, developed through its humanoid robot research. The motorcycle automatically balances itself at very low speeds, reducing rider load using an assistive mechanism derived from robotics technology, for ultra low-speed situations that require the rider’s attention to balance, such as traffic jams or starting and stopping. This model makes riding easier, and ultimately more fun for those that would normally have to worry about balance issues with holding up a 400-900lb motorcycle. By the motorcycle balancing itself, touring and motorcycle life is made easier, and more fun, without sacrificing the fun of riding. The Riding Assist-e is powered by electric motor. This model marks a step towards realizing Honda’s 2030 vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.”

OPINIONS | What do you guys think about the idea of electric motorcycles? I know it’s nothing “new” technically as we have had the company Zero Motorcycles pumping out electric bikes for quite a few years now and the major motorcycle manufacturers have been toying around with the idea for years too with different concept models powered by electricity. But, what do you think? Is it technology that you’re ready to welcome with open-arms? 

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  2. The thing is that many riders rev their gas bikes when and where they shouldn’t. One single reckless biker can make thousands of innocent people very annoyed and angry. It’s not just the rider who hears the annoying engine noise. Let there be only electric bikes!

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