2017 / 2018 Honda NEOWING Motorcycle in the works… | New 3-wheel Trike / Bike Patents!

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– 2017 / 2018 Motorcycle News | Sneak Peek at All-New Model that’s coming soon…? –
2017 Honda Neo Wing Trike Motorcycle / GoldWing 3 Wheel Bike / Reverse Trike Concept Motorcycles

I was doing my weekly digging through patent documents last night to see if there’s anything new in the works from Honda that we might see on 2017 – 2018 motorcycles, side by side, ATV models etc. If you follow some of my past blog posts, you’ll see that some of the patent documents I’ve posted as a “sneak peeks” did turn up a little later as production models and or they used the technology from those patents in current motorcycles, side by side, ATV etc models.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff and why you’re here. Do you remember the Honda NEOWING concept motorcycle (3-wheel reverse trike) that I posted information and detailed pictures on last year from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show? If not, check out detailed NEOWING pictures here. Want to see the other concept motorcycles Honda unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show that we could see in the future for 2017 – 2018 and beyond? Check out my Tokyo Motor Show review of models unveiled here.

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NEW 2017 - 2018 Honda NEOWING 3-Wheel Motorcycle / Reverse Trike - Concept / Prototype Bikes

Honda has just filed for new patents (pictures below) on this crazy looking bike in regards to how the front suspension leans when turning as well as even more new technology that Honda plans to bring to the NEOWING. Could we see this reverse 3-wheeled trike / motorcycle release in 2017 or 2018? Only time will tell, I for one, am excited to see how this project comes together as Honda is missing a huge hole in the market right now with people that want a trike. Honda has made it clear in the past that they won’t build a “typical” trike with 2-wheels in the back and one-up-front like all of the aftermarket kits you see out there for the Gold Wing and every other motorcycle on the planet. The NEOWING project is how they can dive into the trike market for 2017 and beyond without having to have flashbacks of the 1980’s where their first 3-wheel trikes were banned. It’s still a big “IF” when it comes to whether or not Honda will manufacture this bike, just because they file patents, sadly, doesn’t mean that we’ll ever see that bike in production form. Then of course it could end up being a production bike or they could just use the technology from those patents on something that doesn’t even remotely look like that particular model etc.

(New NEOWING Patent Documents)

2017 - 2018 Honda NEOWING 3-Wheel Motorcycle / Reverse Trike - Concept / Prototype Bikes

All in all, it’s going to be an interesting year for Honda in 2017 and 2018 when it comes to new motorcycle models, side by side models, ATVs, scooters etc. I’m glad to see the powersports market booming again after everything tanking when the economy fell to pieces, when models aren’t selling then the manufacturers are scared to spend money on R&D to bring out to new models – so it’s a win win for everyone now that our toy industry is back on track!

The 2016 Tokyo Motor Show & EICMA shows should be real interesting this year… Will Honda officially release the NEOWING as a production model? Can’t wait to find out and thankfully those shows are only a couple of months away!

More 2017 / 2018 Honda Motorcycle News will be posted up in a couple of hours on an entirely different model. Check back in a couple hours.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see Honda release the NEOWING as a production bike for 2017 – 2018?

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  1. “Can’t wait to find out and thankfully those shows are only a couple of months away!”. Which means Winter is only a couple of months away. Bah, humbug!

    kpinvt /
  2. I’m hoping on a smaller version as well, along the lines of the NC family of motorcycles. I have an Integra 750 and I’d love to see a 750-1000cc NeoWing with all the nice engine tech Honda has in store… If they do a GoldWing only, at 1800cc it’s not gonna be as wide-reaching as at around 1000cc.

    Jedi Τσακ Νόρις /
    • It appears the demand for smaller to mid-range bikes is increasing and the demand for the larger bikes is decreasing, the range I’m referring to is between 600cc and 1000cc. Manufactures cover those entering for the first time and those that are more experienced who have had larger bikes but are getting on a bit and are prepared to trade down and sacrifice power for agility and maneuverability. So your wish should come true but it may take awhile.

  3. If this thing comes out with a big engine, lots of power and a laid back riding position that comfortably fits my 5’6″ frame then I’m sold. I would sell my car and Ninja to get this. No way on the small motor though. This bike will probably be heavy and as is Honda makes too many bikes that are less powerful compared to their competitors. This thing with a Gold Wing motor, that’s brilliiant.

    John /
  4. Yo creo que 1800cc es demasiado… un motor 999cc sin mucha compresion estilo harley estaria muy bien… Lo mas importante seria el precio… poder competir con el mp3 500 y con la posible yamaha mwt 09

    Eugenio Luque Galindo /
  5. why don’t Honda make a Goldwing 1500/1800 like the neowing,reverse trike,thousands of people who cant ride 2 wheel bikes for any number of reasons would love to buy one,at the moment some companies in USA,France are converting Goldwings to reverse bikes but that is not the same as buying one made by Honda directly,please do something with Goldwings for long distance tourers like me and many others.

    Mazhar Qadeer Rawn /

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