Sneak Peek | New 2018 – 2019 Honda Motorcycles / Scooters & Cars @ Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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– 2019-2020 Motorcycles of the Future from Honda? Plus all Tokyo Motor Show Models on display –

| Sneak Peek / Overview of Honda Motorcycle, Scooter & Car Exhibits at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 |

It’s almost that time of the year again… What time is that? Tokyo Motor Show time! A time where motorcycle manufacturers like to not only show off concept motorcycles and cars that we might see in 2019 and beyond but also it gives them a platform to make big announcements for new and or returning models for that coming year. A good example would be the 2018 Gold Wing, Honda wants to make a big splash with all of the changes it’ll be getting and there’s no better time to do it than right in front of the press and public at the Tokyo Motor Show. I’ll let you in on a little secret though, just in case you haven’t already seen it… The newly changed-up 2018 Honda Gold Wing and F6B details have already been leaked prior to when it was supposed to make its big splash later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show! You can check out the 2018 GoldWing / F6B pictures by Clicking Here. Now, let’s dive into what you’ll see from Honda.

Honda announced its lineup of production and concept-model automobiles and motorcycles as well as other products at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight (Press days: October 25-26, Public days: October 27 – November 5). When will I be posting up all of the details that you will WANT to see? Starting on October 25th so make sure to mark your calendar and tag my blog as a ‘favorite’ for the latest updates and news from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

This year, Honda’s entire booth will promote the expanding possibilities of people through mobility and enriched lifestyles.

Honda will be exhibiting many electrified models such as the Honda Sports EV Concept which will be world premiered during the event, and global models such as the Japan premiere all-new Honda CR-V. Featuring a new model celebrating cumulative production of the Super Cub reaching 100 million units in October this year, the Honda booth will also be exhibiting about 60 years of Super Cub history, its current models, and its future.

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Key Motorcycle Exhibition Models @ 2017 Tokyo Motor Show:

  • Honda Riding Assist-e | The Honda Riding Assist-e features Honda’s unique balance control technology, developed through its humanoid robot research. The motorcycle automatically balances itself at very low speeds, reducing rider load. This model makes riding easier, and more fun. The Riding Assist-e is powered by electric motor, and marks a step towards realizing Honda’s vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.”

2019 Honda Motorcycles / Riding Assist-e Electric Self-Balancing Bike

Here’s the laundry list of other production and possible 2019 – 2020 concept motorcycles that could make it to production in the future that will be on display at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show:

Other Exhibits:

( ● = Exhibition model, ○ = Production model, ★ = World premiere, ☆ = Japan premiere)

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Concept Motorcycles / Scooter Models:

  1. Honda Riding Assist-e <★>
  2. ● Super Cub 110 (100 million unit commemorative model) <★>
  3. ● Super Cub C125 <★>
  4. ● Monkey 125 <★>


Honda Super Cub Concept Scooter

Honda Monkey 125 Concept Bike / Motorcycle - Mini Trail

Planned Production Models:

  1. ● Cross Cub 110 <★>
  2. CRF250 RALLY <☆>
  3. CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR
  5. Super Cub 50
  6. Super Cub 110

CB1300 SUPER BOL D’OR E Package Special Edition Motorcycle / Bike

2019 Honda Super Cub 50 Scooter - Tokyo Motor Show 2017

2019 Honda Super Cub 110 Scooter - Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Production Models:

  1. CRF1000L Africa Twin <DCT>
  2. CBR1000RR SP
  3. X-ADV
  4. CB1100 EX
  5. Rebel 250

Custom Concept Models:

  1. ● CB1100 RS Custom Concept <☆>
  2. ● CBR250RR Custom Concept <☆>
  3. ● Rebel 250 Custom Concept <☆>

2018 Honda CB1100 RS Custom Concept Motorcycle

Racing Machines:

  1. ● RC213V (2017 MotoGP World Championship MotoGP class racing machine)
  2. ● CRF450RW (2017 All-Japan Motocross Championship IA-1 class racing machine)
  3. ● COTA4RT (2017 Trial World Championship racing machine)

Historic Models:

  1. ● Super Cub C100 (1958)
  2. ● Honda CA100 (1962)
  3. ● Honda C310 (1963)
  4. ● Super Cub C50 (1966)
  5. ● CT110 (1981)
  6. ● Super Cub 50 Super Custom (1983)

Key Car / Automobile Exhibition Models @ 2017 Tokyo Motor Show:

  • Honda Sports EV Concept (World premiere) | New EV sports experience where driver and car are one
    • The times may change, but Honda’s love of sports is, and will always be its identity. As we head towards the era of electrified cars, the Honda Sports EV Concept proposes a one-ness between driver and car, never experienced before. Built upon an EV-specific platform, this concept model is equipped with a highly responsive electric power unit in a easy to handle compact body. Powerful, smooth acceleration are coupled with a serene quietness thanks to its electric motor, and a low center of gravity realize exciting maneuverability, beckoning the driver and car as one into a completely new experience. With “Honda Automated Network Assistant” using Honda’s AI technology, the Honda Sports EV Concept aims to create communication that unites the driver and car. Aiming for the next generation of sports car design, the low and wide design takes its sports car looks a step further: the unforgettable styling, a friendly front fascia that naturally blends in with any lifestyle, and rich and supple surfaces bring happiness and a even a fondness in ownership.

2019 Honda Sports EV Concept Car

  • Honda Urban EV Concept (Japan premiere) | Closer to People, closer to life. The small car of tomorrow born from advanced technology.
    • Heading towards the mass production of EV models, what should technology and design look like? To this, Honda’s answer is the Honda Urban EV Concept. Built upon a newly developed EV-only platform, the Honda Urban EV Concept is a compact car, ideal for urban driving. The exterior expresses Honda’s small car DNA, the “joy of lively driving” and “friendliness that inspires attachment” simply and iconically. The front and rear are equipped with displays that show messages and greetings to onlookers. The living room-like interior is modern and comfortable, equipped with a large display and “Honda Automated Network Assistant” based on Honda’s AI technology. Learning the driver’s lifestyle and tastes, the Honda Urban EV Concept provides the driver with timely suggestions, realizing a natural communication between driver and car. A small car that is closer to people, closer to life: this is Honda’s vision of the new relationship between people and cars.

2019 Honda Urban EV Concept Car

  • Honda NeuV (Japan premiere) | Autonomous commuter with a heart paving the way for future mobility
    • The Honda NeuV is an EV commuter concept model equipped with Honda’s AI technology, “Honda Automated Network Assistant,” with self-driving capabilities. It determines the driver’s stress level from facial expressions and voice tones to support safe driving, and by learning the driver’s lifestyle and preferences, provides suggestions to the driver according to the situation, realizing natural communication between driver and mobility. The NeuV also explores the possibilities of mobility through autonomous driving technology and AI, such as autonomous car-sharing use, with permission from its owner, when it is not being used.

2019 Honda NeuV Concept Car

  • CR-V (Japan premiere) | The Honda CR-V is an SUV with the driving performance of a sedan yet with high functionality, and is supported in over 160 countries and regions worldwide. The fifth-generation CR-V includes a series-first hybrid model equipped with Honda’s unique “SPORT HYBRID i-MMD” two-motor hybrid system, which will be available in front-wheel drive and 4WD variants.  Utility has been enhanced, adding a 3-row seat gasoline model to the line-up. Honda’s advanced safe driving support system “Honda SENSING” is now a standard feature.

Other Exhibits

( ● = Exhibition model, ○ = Production model, ★ = World premiere, ☆ = Japan premiere)


Concept Models:

  1. ● Honda Sports EV Concept <★>
  2. ● Honda Urban EV Concept <☆>
  3. ● Honda NeuV <☆>
  4. ● Honda Robot Cast Concept <★>

Planned production models:

  1. ● CR-V <☆>
  2. ● CLARITY PHEV <☆>
  3. ● Legend <☆>
  4. ● Odyssey <☆>
  5. ● S660 Special β #komorebi edition <★>

Production models:

  1. ○ NSX
  2. ○ Civic Hatchback
  3. ○ Civic Sedan
  4. Civic Type R
  5. ○ Step WGN
  6. ○ N-BOX
  7. ○ N-BOX Custom

Racing machines:

  1. ● McLaren-Honda F1 machine
  2. ● Dallara DW12 (#26 – Andretti Autosport / Takuma Sato Indycar machine, the winner of the 101st Indianapolis 500)
  3. ● Dallara SF14 (#15 – TEAM MUGEN / Pierre Gasly All-Japan Super Formula Championship machine)

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