New Honda Talon 1000 TURBO + Street Legal = WILD!

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– New Honda Talon 1000 TURBO, Street Legal, 32″ Tires + More and Discount Codes for UTV Accessories! –

New Honda Talon 1000 Turbo Sport Side by Side / SxS / UTV Review!

Today we’re taking a closer look at one of the most modified new Honda Talon 1000 models that I’ve come across!

This new Talon 1000 turbo is packed full of aftermarket performance parts and accessories to help it be more capable than ever! I understand that most people don’t want to spend $10,000+ in modifying their Talon or Pioneer side by side but there’s no denying they’re cool to look at and see what the possibilities are with these SxS / UTV platforms. This model started out its life as a Honda Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve and then you’ve got a set of 32″ tires, SuperATV tinted roof and flip-up windshield, bumpers, Jackson Racing turbo kit as well as a street legal kit for this Talon so you can legally take it out on the road and a LOT more that we’ll cover in the video below


  • Honda Talon 1000 Accessories / Parts list:
    • Honda Talon 15″ ITP Hurricane Wheels:
    • Honda Talon 32″ Tires / Maxxis Carnivore 32x10x15:
    • Honda Talon Flip Up Windshield by SuperATV:
    • Honda Talon Winch by Warn (OEM):
    • • Honda Talon Warn Winch Mount Kit (OEM):
    • Honda Talon Front Bumper (OEM):
    • Honda Talon Rear Bumper (OEM):
    • Honda Talon Lower Door Panels (FRONT):
    • Honda Talon Lower Door Panels (REAR):
    • Honda Talon 40″ LED Light Bar:
    • Honda Talon Tinted Clear Roof by SuperATV:
    • Honda Talon Street Legal Kit by ATV Tek / UTV Tek:
    • Honda Talon Rearview Mirror:
    • Honda Talon Turbo Kit:
    • Honda Talon Fuse Box (required for Honda LED lightbar):
    • Honda Talon Fuse Box Mount Kit (required for Honda LED lightbar):
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    • Honda Talon Busbar Kit (required for Honda LED lightbar):
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Honda Accessory Discount Code for Motorcycles, ATV, SxS, UTV, Scooters, Side by Side Models!