2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Shipment Delay – Side by Side ATV / UTV News

– 2016 Pioneer 1000 Release Date Update / Delayed Shipments –

November 25, 2015 Pioneer 1000 / 1000-5 Update:

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Honda gave us an update this morning on the Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 ship dates / release dates. Honda has been full-steam for quite some time on the production line for the 2016 Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 models as they knew these were going to be a massive hit. Due to severe weather wreaking havoc in South Carolina it has aggravated the production and delivery process in Timmonsville, SC. The delay is affecting more than just the Pioneer 1000 as it has also put a dent in ATV production, Pioneer 500, Pioneer 700.

Due to this delay the Pioneer 1000 ship dates have been pushed back.

  • November Pioneer 1000 orders can expect a 30 day delay with all order fulfilled by the end of December.
  • December orders will follow a similar pattern with all orders fulfilled by the end of January.

Honda knows that their new 1000 cc side by side Pioneer is a game changer and that customers are lining up to buy these like the new iPhones when they are released and people sleep overnight in the parking lot etc. They are hard at work trying to pump them out as fast as possible so we can all get our hands on them and fulfill pre-order deposits for customers that have been waiting patiently at their chance to sign the dotted line.

I wanted to throw this information up as I know some people have a difficult time finding out the fine details from their local dealers etc. Please be patient and keep in mind your dealer is trying everything possible to get you Pioneer 1000 ASAP but our hands are tied when it comes to severe weather throwing a kink in the production process.

Hope this information is helpful to all of you that are awaiting your new Honda Pioneer 1000 to arrive at your dealer.

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