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Honda Pioneer 1000 Top Speed 67MPH - Video / Acceleration - Side by Side ATV - UTV - SxS

Today was a special day for Richard. He owns the Honda Side by Side / UTV owners forum called Honda SxS Club. He’s a true enthusiast which is a rarity when it comes to guys that run most of the forums online.

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He bought his Pioneer 700-4 from me back in 2013 and got the first one to roll in at my dealership. When Honda announced the Pioneer 1000, all he did was say “yes” and his name was on my first 1000-5 Deluxe to arrive here at Honda of Chattanooga. I’m getting a bit side-tracked but long story short he was finally able to pick up his Pioneer 1000-5 today. I’ll never abuse anyone’s machine so it sat until he arrived and then we took it for a quick spin.

Our parking lot isn’t too big but we were able to open it up to about 40 MPH. We did a quick run of his Pioneer 1000 so we could get an acceleration video from 0-40 MPH. This isn’t wide open as it isn’t broken in just yet but this will give you an idea as to what the Pioneer 1000 vs Pioneer 700 looks like acceleration wise. With double the horsepower, the Pioneer 1000 can definitely get down for a “utility vehicle” and not a true “sport UTV”…

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe 0-40 MPH (Automatic / Sport Mode)

More Pioneer 1000 videos to come! I’m working on finishing up a 2016 Pioneer 1000 vs Pioneer 700 drag race video right now…

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