Video Part 2: Rebuilding a Wrecked / Totaled 2018 Honda Grom 125 with Salvage Title

– Wrecked / Salvage Title Honda Grom Motorcycle Rebuild Video Series | Part 2 –

If you follow my social media, you’ve seen that I have kicked around the idea of going to a motorcycle auction and picking up a wrecked bike to rebuild for my YouTube Channel. After a lot of positive responses – I decided it was time to pick something up and I stumbled across the wrecked 2018 Honda Grom in pearl white. Long story short, it’s finally started and now we can see what we can do with this salvage title 125cc Grom…

We knocked out part 1 of the wrecked Grom build series that you can check out below if you missed that video so you’re caught up on the progress so far:

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I’ve rebuilt a couple of CBR sport bikes in the past but never tried to do anything remotely like this on video so we’ll see how horribly it goes haha. I know I’m far from entertaining but I’m down for giving this new venture a try and seeing how it all pans out. Thanks as always for the continued support! What do you guys think about the new project? If you don’t mind, slap a “like” on the video itself in YouTube as that helps with YouTube’s algorithm more than you’ll ever know.

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