Video: 2021 Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L Changes Explained, Review of Specs, Start-Up / Walk-Around…

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– 2021 Honda Africa Twin 1100 Video Review: Changes Explained, Specs and more on this big bore 1100cc Adventure Motorcycle from Honda! –

Let’s take a look at the new Pearl White / Blue / Red Tri-Color 2021 Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L and go over some of the changes for this year and dive into some of the detailed specs that make the Africa Twin 1100 what it is and why you should have it on your list of new 2021 adventure motorcycles to buy. Don’t miss out on listening to the 2021 Africa Twin exhaust too, the CRF1100L’s sound from the exhaust is hands down the best in Honda’s 2021 on-road motorcycle lineup!

Are all of the Adventure Sports ES upgrades worth the $2,800 price tag over this model? Also, what do you guys think about the limited color options for 2021 on the Africa Twin? And just how important are color options to you when buying a new bike? To some people it’s a deal breaker, if they don’t love the color then they’ll just buy another bike. For me, I’m not buying a bike because of how good its paint looks – I’m buying it because of how it rides etc. So I’ll “settle” for a crappy color IF it’s a bike that I just truly love riding.

* Disclaimer: Sorry for the length, this was supposed to be about 5-7 minutes and next thing I know it’s 15 minutes long and I had to recycle some footage while I yapped on lol. I’m trying to make these better so thank you for bearing with me as I try these new video styles out. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it guys!

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