What Do You Ride? Show off Your Motorcycles / Scooters etc with Pictures…

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– Let’s see your bikes! Post a picture of your baby below… –

I’d guess that the majority of my readers ride… Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here on my blog. Well, unless you’re researching motorcycles, scooters etc and are looking to buy a new bike in the near future. Don’t worry my ATV & Side by Side readers, if we have enough participation this go-around we’ll let you guys show them off next.

Let’s do something fun and see what everyone rides! Also, just to mix it up a little bit… Post up the next motorcycle you want to purchase too!

If you’re on 2-wheels, you’re a rider in my book. It doesn’t matter if it’s scooter, moped, dirt bike, dual-sport, sport bike, touring motorcycle etc – Let’s see them!

Post up your Pictures & Mod List below in the comment section + Your next motorcycle you want to purchase…

I’ll kick it off with a couple of my current motorcycles. They’re nothing special but here they are below. One of them isn’t mine per say as it is my son’s but it’s in my garage so I’ll include it haha.

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Then, the next motorcycle I plan to buy is the 2017 / 2018 CBR250RR if we’re lucky enough to get them in the USA in 2017 or 2018. If we don’t get the CBR250RR, then I’ll probably be buying a KTM RC390 as they’ve really peaked my interest but I’ve got my fingers crossed on the CBR250RR making it to our side of the pond very soon as I’d much rather have it over the RC390.

  • Honda CBR600RR

Custom Honda CBR600RR Sport Bike / Motorcycle with Carozzeria Wheels, Erion Racing Exhaust | CBR 600 RR

  • CBR600RR Modifications:
    • Erion Racing Exhaust
    • Carozzeria Wheels
    • Galfer Wave Brake Rotors
    • Flushmounts
    • Current Rubber | Dunlop GPA
  • Honda Grom

Custom Honda Grom MSX 125 Parts - Exhaust - LED Headlight - Fender Eliminator - Integrated Tailight

Vintage Honda 50 Mini Bike / Dirt Bike / Trail Bike Z50R

  • Z50R Modifications:
    • TB 88cc big bore kit (maybe 4-5 hours max on build) with pictures documenting build
    • TB race head with matching race cam
    • 20mm carb
    • Pro Circuit T4 full exhaust
    • Kitaco +2 rear shocks
    • Two-Brothers extended front fork legs
  • Honda CRF50F (Son’s) (no recent pics)

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