White Honda Grom Video Review of Specs

2015 Honda Grom 125 Motorcycle Video Review of Specs & Features Listed further down this page.

Have you checked out one of the most talked about and hottest selling motorcycles of 2014? It’s also on its way to repeating its success again for 2015 with record breaking sales! It is truly amazing how such a small and simple bike can stir up people’s emotions like the Grom does. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 75 years old, when you look at the Grom it will make you smile thinking about all the fun you could have on it.

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I can say from personal experience, all the hype is true when it comes to the fun factor on the Grom 125. I have more fun on my Grom than any other bike I own or have owned over the years.

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Two-Up Capability

  • Want to share the fun with a friend? No problem—the Grom makes it easy to bring a passenger along.

Single Rear Shock

  • You get a plush ride, even over choppy pavement thanks to the Grom’s single hydraulic rear shock.

New Graphics

  • New pearl white and yellow have been added to the selection. And red and black are back for 2015 with a new scheme to give the Grom even more attitude.

LED Taillight

  • Forget about big, bulky taillights—the Grom’s LED lamp is bright and clear.

Inverted Fork Suspension

  • Just like a top-of-the-line sportbike, the Grom features an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for control and road feel.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • The Grom features excellent 220m front and 190m rear single disc brakes for stopping power.

Fuel Capacity

  • Who says being practical can’t be fun? With its 1.45-gallon fuel tank you can venture far and economically too.

Four-Speed Transmission

  • The Grom’s four-speed transmission gives you all the durability, control and efficiency of a conventional motorcycle.


  • Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
  • Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.

12-inch 10-spoke Wheels

  • Tough and strong, these cast wheels and wide tires are just what the urban rider needs.

125cc Fuel-Injected Engine

  • Nobody can match Honda’s reputation for engines, and even though the Grom may be compact, it’s a giant in terms of performance and reliability.