New Video | Official 2017 Honda X-ADV / City Adventure Release Date Update…

– Video Update #2 | New DCT Adventure Scooter / Motorcycle Model! –

“You’re horizons are going to change forever…” Is how the video below starts off. Then we see a guy decked out in Honda gear somewhere in the middle of nowhere it what appears to be an empty desert walks up to a wooden crate. He then hops on the bike and then enters the ever-so-popular video angles where they pan away from the bike every couple of seconds so you don’t get a clear shot of what the bike is. If you follow my blow, you will already know just by the few angles that you can catch in this video, that the bike he is riding is indeed the 2017 Honda X-ADV¬†also and previously known as the City Adventure Concept.

The video continues on as the rider takes the bike out of the desert into the mountains and city streets etc. Then, he rolls into a shipping yard where he pulls up to a crate with a Honda logo on top. He pulls in as this “The story continues 9/15/2016” floats across the screen. I was hoping for the official release of this model today as I had mentioned in a previous post that news / updates would be happening today. I didn’t lie but I wish I had some more stuff to release about it. Now though, we all get to sit around and wait patiently until September 15, 2016 for the next update…

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Honda of America hasn’t made a peep about this bike just yet. Do any of you guys want to see it make the trek over to our side of the pond here in the good ole US of A?