All-New 2018 Honda CB1000R Review of Specs / Changes + R&D / Development | Naked Sport Bike (Neo Sports Cafe Racer Concept = Production Version) | EICMA Motorcycle Show News

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– Detailed 2018 CB1000R Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know about the All-New Naked 1000cc Sport Bike / Cafe Racer StreetFighter from Honda! –

2018 Honda CB1000R Ride | Review / Specs - Naked Sport Bike StreetFighter Motorcycle

The 2018 Honda CB1000R has been unveiled and man-oh-man is it a looker! Remember the Neo Sports Cafe concept bike I posted a couple of weeks about? If not, you can check it out by Clicking Here. Long story short, Honda surprised us and only weeks after unveiling it as a concept motorcycle then turns around and announces that it will be a production bike. Honda’s leading sport naked model is reborn today with the introduction of a minimalist but aggressively styled 2018 CB1000R. Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show, the model is a production version of the Neo-Sports Café Concept showcased at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Following an early-2018 European release, the new CB1000R will be available in the U.S. in summer of next year.

Update 6/13/2018: Honda just released MSRP on the 2018 CB1000R which is $12,999.

Honda’s venerable CB1000R sport standard turns an important corner for 2018, with a ground-up redesign that bridges the gap between performance and bare-boned Café Racer inspirations. In a dramatic identity shift, the CB1000R receives cutting-edge Neo-Sports Café styling, an updated chassis, and an improved electronics package—all changes that bolster performance while highlighting the importance of a strong, emotional connection between rider and machine.

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Originally introduced in Europe in 2007, the CB1000R has always been designed for versatility through the classic Honda formula of high performance in a naked four-cylinder machine. Now, in an embrace of retro-inspired design through a more compact and aggressive layout, the model looks to satisfy the needs of a growing audience—customers who desire a motorcycle that performs aptly but also features retro-minimalist looks that inspire emotion.

“The CB1000R has always represented high performance in a naked four-cylinder machine, and while we knew that retaining that approach was important, we also felt it was time to take the platform in a new direction,” said Lee Edmunds, American Honda’s Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications. “Increasingly, customer expectations walk a line between high-end performance and character, so it’s vital that there be a strong, emotional connection between rider and machine. With the new approach of the 2018 CB1000R, customers will experience increased pride in ownership while also benefiting from greatly improved handling and engine performance.”

  • 2018 CB100R Review Contents:
    • 1 | Introduction
    • 2 | Model overview
    • 3 | Key features
    • 4 | Accessories
    • 5 | Technical specifications

1. | Introduction

Motorcycling has seen many shifts in riders’ expectations of their bikes – what they do, how they look and how they make them feel – over the last decade. And Honda has never been afraid to apply its technology, engineering and imagination to create motorcycles that inhabit new spaces in the marketplace.

The new CB1000R is one such project.

The 2018 CB1000R stands out from the crowd by moving away from the standard super sports-derived big naked formula to create a motorcycle that melds exhilarating function to a form that offers a radically fresh, visually stunning two-wheeled aesthetic. It’s a motorcycle that looks, feels and performs very differently from what’s gone before.


In creating this new identity, Honda’s development engineers have re-assessed the hard-core Sport Naked-Streetfighter underpinnings of the existing CB1000R, elevated its performance parameters and added the unexpected. Steered by retro- industrial minimalism, they have stripped everything back, moved away from ‘RR’ inspiration and instead used a host of textured metal finishes and an ultra-minimalist look under the design theme of ‘Neo Sports Café’. The result is a machine with a unique identity, a fusion of Sport Naked and bare-boned Café Racer inspirations.

Freshly conceived from the wheels-up, the CB1000R has been designed to be exciting to ride – and fully capable of chasing much more focused machinery down on a twisting back road – while instilling an innate pride of ownership. Whichever way it’s approached – aesthetics, emotions, performance, technology – the new CB1000R is a hard motorcycle to ignore.

Quick Overview | CB1000R Features

  • Distinctly styled round headlight has 3.5-inch shorter overhang, while the swingarm-mounted rear mudguard unit (a first for Honda) contributes to compact, trapezoidal shape silhouette that offers more elegant, refined appearance
  • Premium feel thanks to burnished-aluminum radiator shroud and airbox cover plus machined engine cases, cylinder head, and sprocket hub
  • Flangeless tank offers elegant styling and provides plenty of knee room through distinct cutaways
  • All-LED lighting and horseshoe-shaped light ring bring a modern flare to retro styling
  • .5-inch wider tapered-aluminum handlebar sits .5 inches higher for more relaxed riding position, making the café-racer inspired model ideal for around-town rides
  • Mono-backbone steel frame uses split-tightening aluminum pivot plates to save 5.5 pounds while still offering optimum handling characteristics
  • Total curb weight has been reduced for improved handling and more rider-friendly performance
  • Showa Separate Function Fr Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP) offers reduced weight and excellent on-road performance
  • 190/55 ZR17 rear tire (compared to 180/55 ZR17 tire on previous model)
  • 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine shares same architecture and layout as CBR1000RR and now employs forged pistons (rather than cast)
  • Higher valve lift, larger valves (8.5mm intake and 8.1mm exhaust), larger-diameter inlet ports, and new combustion-chamber shape improve gas flow and offer improved torque in midrange, for more engaging riding experience
  • 4% reduction in gear ratios improves acceleration for more exciting, rapid-roll-on acceleration
  • Assist/slipper clutch offers light lever pull and helps manage aggressive downshifts
  • New 4-2-1 exhaust system boosts torque at 5,000 rom and above, saves 10 pounds, and provides the CB1000R with a deeper, rawer exhaust note for added character and emotion
  • Throttle By Wire opens the door to four riding modes (STANDARD, SPORT, RAIN, and USER), as well as Engine Brake and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)—technological advances that bridge the gap between performance and café racer inspirations

Mr S. Uchida, Large Project Leader (LPL) 18YM CB1000R

“As Honda, our intention is always to look to the future and to be ready to lead. Hence, as the Naked sector’s requirements mature, we knew that we had to go much further than giving the new CB1000R a boost in real world performance. Customer expectation and interests are about much more than just ‘how fast?’. We wanted to build in not only exhilaration and emotion to each experience of the CB1000R, but also real pleasure in owning, and showing off, such an individual machine. So we travelled in a new direction and are very proud of the result – both when out on the road and when admiring it in the garage!”

2. | Model Overview

The 2018 CB1000R elegantly combines more with less. It gives its rider a huge amount of usable engine performance, with the control of a cutting edge Supersports machine, while the innovative, minimalist styling injects it with a whole new attitude.

Its four-cylinder engine has been tuned to make 16% more peak power at just over 10,000rpm and 5% more torque right through the mid-range, where it’s most useful – and most fun. It is also 4% shorter geared, to extract even faster acceleration from the power-up. In fact through the first 3 gears, up to 130km/h the CB1000R rides harder than the CBR1000RR. An assist/slipper clutch adds control.

With the increase in output comes Throttle By Wire (TBW) with 3 preset riding modes plus a USER setting. Power (P), Engine Brake (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) work together across the presets to offer optimum benefit to the rider dependent on conditions. The exhaust transmits a raw-edged howl as revs rise.

The 2018 CB1000R is 12kg lighter than the outgoing design, making for a 20% improvement in power to weight ratio. It’s also smaller, yet has a more relaxed riding position. And supporting the radical new look is a box section mono backbone steel frame, with Showa Separate Function Fr Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD suspension up front and a Showa monoshock at the rear. Radial-mount front brakes, ABS and a 190-section rear tire complete the chassis’ upgrade.

  • 2018 CB1000R Release Date (USA): Summer of 2018
  • 2018 CB1000R Price / MSRP: $12,999
  • 2018 CB1000R Colors: Black
    • * Updated 6/13/2018 with CB1000R MSRP

3. | Key Features

3.1 | Styling & Chassis

  • Neo Sports Café minimalist design shows off the metal
  • Ultra-compact, trapezoid silhouette
  • Brand new lightweight mono-backbone steel frame
  • Adjustable Showa front and rear suspension
  • Dual front radial-mount four-piston calipers
  • A ‘CB1000R+’ will version also be available with pre-fit premium accessories and quickshifter.

The 2018 CB1000R’s styling takes a bold, distinct new direction that deliberately separates it from the naked-bike mainstream. Every aesthetic detail has been finessed for a dramatically updated overall design, with a powerful stance and an elevated performance package.

The CB1000R’s proportions are now much more compact, with a trapezoid silhouette. The overhang of the distinctly styled round headlight is 3.5 inches shorter, and the swingarm-mounted rear mudguard unit (a first for Honda) allows for an extremely short, sculpted aluminum tail unit that incorporates neat, under-slung passenger handholds.

Only six exterior parts are constructed from plastic, the largest being the svelte front mudguard. By contrast, what really makes its presence felt is the use of premium metal finishes throughout, drawing on the long café-racer tradition—parts such as the burnished-aluminum radiator shroud and airbox cover; machined engine cases, cylinder head, and sprocket hub; and flangeless steel fuel tank.

All lighting is LED, and the thin, round headlight employs a horseshoe-shaped light ring, as well as a distinctive two-bar light signature. The rear light is also a semicircular light bar that fills in solid when the brakes are applied. The T-shaped instrument panel integrates into the top triple clamp, minimizing bulk, and the ignition switch is positioned at the front of the fuel tank.

The rider triangle is relaxed, with a natural crouch afforded by the tapered aluminum handlebar. The flangeless fuel tank is broad-shouldered but features distinct cutaways to allow plenty of knee room.

The CB1000R has a new a mono-backbone steel frame that uses split-tightening aluminum pivot plates to save 5.5 lbs. Mounted to those plates is a signature single-sided swingarm, which itself is .6 inches shorter, at 22.6 inches.

Front suspension is an adjustable Showa Separate Function Fr Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP). All of the damping function is contained in one leg for reduced weight, and the fork delivers compliance, comfort, and control across a broad range of riding conditions. The Showa shock has adjustable spring preload, compression damping, and rebound damping.

Dual radial-mount four-piston front calipers bite 310mm floating rotors while the twin-piston rear caliper squeezes a 256mm rear rotor, and two-channel ABS is standard. A 190/55 ZR17 rear tire sits on a 6.0 inch rim, replacing the 180/55 ZR17 from the outgoing model. The front tire is still a 120/70 ZR17.

Rake is set at 25° with trail of 100mm. Wheelbase is 10mm longer at 1455mm with wet weight of 467 lbs – 26 lbs lighter than the outgoing model. Weight bias is 48.5%/ 51.5% front/rear. Helping the CB1000R’s side-to-side agility, the crank center height is 5mm higher.

A ‘2018 CB1000R+’ version will also be available, in select countries. It comes with quickshifter, heated grips and a range of premium accessories that flesh out the CB1000R’s styling: metallic meter visor and seat cowl, front fender panel, hugger panel and radiator grill.

3.2 | Engine

  • CBR1000RR derived four-cylinder engine re-tuned for 15kW power up
  • Strong torque and response in the mid-range
  • Throttle By Wire brings with it 3 rider modes
  • Three levels of Power, Engine Brake and Honda Selectable Torque Control
  • 4-2-1 exhaust saves weight and emits a raw-edged howl
  • Assist/slipper clutch fitted as standard

The 2018 CB1000R’s 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine—which shares its architecture and layout with the previous-generation CBR1000RR super sport bike—has been reworked to provide healthy increases in power and torque. Bore and stroke remain 75mm x 56.5mm, but compression ratio is up 0.4 to 11.6:1 and the pistons are now forged (rather than cast), as with the CBR1000RR SP.

The engine has been tuned to deliver its torque with strong character, especially in the 6,000-8,000 rpm range, where it generates an exciting and engaging riding experience. The character is ideal for rapid roll-on acceleration in real-world overtaking conditions. Redline begins at 11,500 rpm, and the rev limiter cuts in at 12,000 rpm.

  • 2018 CB1000R Performance Info / Specs:
    • 2018 CB1000R Horsepower: 143 HP @ 10,5000 RPM
    • 2018 CB1000R Torque: 76.7 lb/ft TQ @ 8,250 RPM
      • Compared to previous CB1000R at 125 HP

Development concentrated on improved gas flow into, through, and out of the cylinder head. Valve lift is higher, with inlet at 8.5mm and exhaust 8.1mm (as opposed to 7.9 and 7.8mm). A 44mm diameter throttle body (up 8mm) feeds larger-diameter inlet ports; the shape of the combustion chambers is also revised. The airbox, ducting, and air filter are also brand new and present a much simpler, smoother route for airflow into the engine, reducing pressure loss all the way from the outer ducts to the throttle body.

A 4% reduction in gear ratios complements the engine’s internal updates and greatly improves acceleration through the gears between 20 and 65 mph. Additionally, the new assist/slipper clutch offers lighter lever pull and helps manage aggressive downshifts.

A new 4-2-1 design exhaust system adds to the CB1000R’s midrange muscle, and a link pipe joins the two main pipes just before the catalyzers, boosting torque at 5,000 rpm and above. At 24.7 pounds, it’s also 10 pounds lighter, and the exhaust note has been tuned internally, so that as engine speed rises past 5,500 rpm, the machine takes on a significantly deeper, rawer tone.

Throttle By Wire (TBW) has also been added to the platform, allowing the rider various options for utilizing the powerful engine, via three preset riding modes plus 1 USER mode (selected from a switch on the left handlebar).

There are three levels of Engine Power (P), Engine Brake (EB), and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) available; HSTC can also be switched off.

The three individual riding modes offer different combinations of each parameter.

RAIN mode employs the lowest Power setting, medium EB, and high HSTC. The lower levels of power and torque are focused on the first three gears.

STANDARD mode uses the middle setting for Power, HSTC, and EB. It reduces output a bit in first and second gears and uses a power curve that sits just below that of SPORT mode, with reduced torque at partial throttle openings. It also allows for small rear-wheel slides and the front wheel leaving the ground.

SPORT uses high Power and lowest levels of EB and HSTC to deliver 100% power through all six gears, maximum torque at all throttle positions, and minor intervention from HSTC.

The USER mode allows the rider to choose between the three settings for each parameter and save the setting for future use.

Other information available to the rider includes a shift-up indicator on the top-right corner of the dash, which either flashes white with increasing frequency as rpm passes the preset value, or goes yellow-amber-pink as a visual guide to shift up. There is also an ECO riding indicator, gear-position indicator, and riding-mode indicator.

The new engine in the 2018 CB1000R out performs its predecessor in fuel efficiency, returning 40 MPG.


4. | Honda CB1000R Accessories

A selection of genuine Honda Accessories is ready to customize the 2018 CB1000R, including:

  • Quick shifter
  • Heated grips
  • 12 volt accessory socket
  • Instrument visor
  • Seat cowl
  • Aluminum front fender panel
  • Aluminum rear hugger
  • Alcantera rider and pillion seat
  • Wheel-rim decal
  • Engine-case protector
  • Tank pad
  • Tank bag & ATT
  • Rear seat bag & ATT

5. | Technical 2018 CB1000R Specifications

Type Liquid-cooled DOHC In-line 4 cylinder
Valves per cylinder 4
Engine Displacement (cm³) 998cc
Bore and Stroke (mm) 75mm x 56.5mm
Compression Ratio 11.6:1
Max. Power Output 143 HP (107kW) @ 10,500 RPM  (107kW)
Max. Torque 76.7 lb/ft TQ @ 8,250 RPM (104Nm)
Carburation PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2 gal
Fuel Consumption / Miles Per Gallon 40 MPG
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/8.6AH
Clutch Type Wet, multiplate clutch
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Steel mono backbone
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2120mm x 789mm x 1090mm
Wheelbase 57.2 in.
Caster Angle 25 degrees
Trail 100mm
Seat Height 32.6 in.
Ground Clearance 5.3 in.
Curb Weight 467 lbs
Type Front Showa SFF-BP USD fork
Type Rear Pressurized Separation Type
Rim Size Front Cast aluminum
Rim Size Rear Cast aluminum
tires Front 120/70 ZR17
tires Rear 190/55 ZR17
ABS System Type 2 channel
Front 310mm double disc
Rear 256mm single disc
Instruments LCD
Headlight LED
Taillight LED
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2018 Honda CB1000R Review / Specs: Horsepower, Price, Release Date + More! | Naked CBR Sport Bike / Cafe Racer StreetFighter Motorcycle

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  1. I’ve been riding a 2017 CB1100EX and loving it. Great handling, flat torque, tons of pull at low revs in high gears and creamy smooth engine. Plus, clean retro looks and air cooled. The 2018 CB1000R is around 80 pounds lighter than the CB1100EX with 50 more horsepower. That’s a scary fast bike. Zoom, freakin’ zoom!

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