NEW 2021 Honda Grom 125 HRC Race Bike Released with New Performance Parts!

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– The fastest new 2021 Honda Grom 125 to date… the HRC Honda Grom (MSX125)! – 

Custom 2021 Honda Grom 125 HRC Exhaust | Race Bike / Motorcycle | MSX125

Want the coolest custom 2021 Honda Grom around? Build one to HRC spec!

With the recent announcement of the new 2021 Honda Grom and all of the changes etc, HRC officially released their spec Grom for the “Honda Grom Cup” race series in Japan. The funny part is that the HRC Grom you see here is what was leaked earlier, that we discussed here, that let us in on exactly what Honda was changing on the new 2021 Grom before it was “official”.

Keep in mind what you see pictured here is a race-ready Grom, if you are in Japan and or one of the very few lucky people that can pull thing strings to buy it – it’s not street-legal. You can not register this bike as HRC Japan states on their website for the bike here, that you can not register it and they will not offer a warranty. What all do they change when it comes to performance parts on the HRC Grom? At the time of writing this they don’t have a detailed breakdown on everything that’s included in the “HRC Kit” but they do state the obvious on starting with the removal of all the unnecessary safety equipment. Then they start adding parts to the 2021 Grom with the HRC ECU and harness with an exhaust to help the performance side of things. It’s not clear if they made any changes to the intake or any other tweaks to the engine itself. They also threw a different seat and rear cowl with a new belly pan as well. They also mounted up a different set of sticky tires and a front brake protector. I can’t wait to see what the full HRC Kit consists of for the 2021 Honda Grom, we’ll see that info trickle out soon.

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2021 Honda Grom 125 HRC Exhaust | Race Bike / Motorcycle | MSX125

Want to check out a throwback to the original HRC Grom 125? Check out this gem that I wrote about back in 2016 by Clicking Here or on the picture below…

2017 Honda Grom MSX 125 HRC Race Bike / Motorcycle - Performance Mods / Parts: Exhaust, Ohlins Suspension, Track Plastics & Bodywork

Want to check out more info on the Honda Grom Cup race series in Japan? Click Here. Want to see the official HRC 2021 Honda Grom info? Click Here. Want to learn about all of the new 2021 Honda Grom 125 changes? Click Here.

2021 Honda Grom 125 HRC Pictures / Photo Gallery:

Don’t want to race your 2021 Honda Grom but still want to customize it? Here’s how easy it is to create your own custom 2021 Honda Grom 125 / MSX125:

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