Custom 2019 Honda Monkey 125 ‘Tracker’ | Mini Bike / Flat Track Motorcycle (Glemseck 101)

– Custom Monkey 125 Flat Tracker Motorcycle build by Kingston Customs at Glemseck 101 –

Custom 2019 Honda Monkey 125 Motorcycle Parts & Accessories | Vintage / Retro Mini Trail Bike

The All-New Monkey 125 has proven to be a hit since its return to Honda’s European motorcycle line-up this summer and this later this year on this side of the pond here in the USA (2019 Monkey 125 Review / Specs & Release Date, Pricing, Colors – Click Here). It combines the modern elements of inverted forks, twin rear shocks, LCD gauges, IMU-based Anti-Lock Braking System and full LED lighting with the classic Monkey / Mini Trail look and proportions. The Monkey is sure to be a ‘go-to’ bike for use at campsites by RV-owners, and for fun on light trails, commuting tasks, easily customizable etc as the list goes on and on with what the new Monkey will be capable of.

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Custom 2019 Honda Monkey 125 Mini Bike / Motorcycle | "Tracker" Flat Track

Custom 2019 Honda Monkey 125 Mini Bike / Motorcycle | "Tracker" Flat Track

Honda wanted to put on a big show for Glemseck 101 this year, they wanted to make a statement. Honda reached out to Dirk Öhlerking at Kingston Customs and wanted him to work his magic with a pretty short timeline but he still made it happen. They took the off-road vibe further by re-imagining the Monkey as a Flat-Tracker motorcycle. The 2019 ‘Monkey Tracker Z125’ features a host of changes including a modified frame, flat-tracker style handlebar, hand-made seat, new exhaust, foot-rests from a 1976 Elsinore 125 and gold and tricolor paint scheme to really send the project over the top.

Huge shout-out to the guys at Bike EXIF for putting together this awesome video showcasing the build on this custom 2019 Honda Monkey 125:


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Opinions? What are your thoughts on this custom 2019 Monkey build? Is there anything you would have done differently? Would you like to see a similar 2020 Honda Z125 dirt bike build or a 2020 Monkey 125 from Honda with some flat-track styling cues thrown way? Check out more Concept Honda Motorcycles by Clicking Here and more Custom Honda Motorcycles by Clicking Here that I’ve covered in the past.