Feature | Custom Lifted Honda Pioneer 1000-5 : 30″ Tires / Wheels / Bumpers / Winch + $1,000’s MORE! Function Meets Form Build by JACKAL

–  MUST SEE! | Custom 2016-2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / 4×4 Utility Vehicle –

When a lot of people start to “build” their side by side, UTV, ATV etc they just start slapping parts together – unsure of what they want the final project to be. Were they shooting for a ‘show queen’ or a functional off-road machine that’ll go any and everywhere you could want to go? You’ll see by the build details below and the outcome, that the owner of this awesome Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe knew from the start what he wanted to build… A capable machine that’ll make quick work of just about any trail out there. Well, scratch that. It doesn’t need a trail. This thing will go anywhere that Bob wants it to and make it back to the rig at the end of the day.

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Custom Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Lifted - 30" Tires & Wheels - StrongMade Front Bumper / Winch - LED Lights - Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Usually, people just slap a set of wheels & tires on their side by side and maybe a top with a windshield and call it a ‘build’. That’s not the case here… This is what you call a build! He has tackled every corner of the already very capable Pioneer 1000 and truly made the machine better in every way.

How long did Bob wait after buying his new Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe before he started ordering aftermarket parts & accessories? What! Who waits to do that? Haha… He had a laundry list of OEM Honda Genuine Accessories and aftermarket goodies in hand well before he bought his Pioneer 1000 from me at Honda of Chattanooga. He mentioned to me before hand that he already had stuff ordered and I thought to myself that he maybe had a small accessory or two but nope. He had a truck-load of stuff! He had a ride planned that weekend and instead of taking his Pioneer 1000 on the ride ‘stock’ he didn’t take it back home to Illinois from Chattanooga, TN… He posted up at a friend’s house and installed the accessories right away so he had his Pioneer ready to hit the trails ASAP! There’s a picture or two you’ll see below of him installing the very nice Trail Armor Pioneer 1000 skid plates.

Custom Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Lifted - 30" Tires & Wheels - StrongMade Front Bumper / Winch - LED Lights - Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Custom Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Lifted - 30" Tires & Wheels - StrongMade Front Bumper / Winch - LED Lights - Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Fast forward and now he’s gotten all the Pioneer 1000 Accessories and aftermarket parts & accessories installed that you’ll see in the list below. He’s got everything covered on his Pioneer 1000 with enough LED lights to light up planet earth from both the front to back, fire extinguisher for those worst-case scenarios, jack if you need a tire change. A strong enough winch and front bumper to hang itself upside down by a tree haha and the list goes on! Anything and everything you could think of, Bob has already thought of and has it. If not, I’d say he’s working on it already and it’ll be on his Pioneer soon.

I won’t dive into much detail typing out more details on the accessories installed below as I’m sure you guys want to see pictures and a modification list for the Pioneer 1000 more than you want to hear me ramble on about it all.

If you run into Bob also known as JACKAL on HondaSxS.com (Big Red, Pioneer 500, 700, 1000 Owner’s Forum) out on the trails, make sure to say ‘hello’. You won’t find a nicer or more down to earth guy that has a huge love for this hobby we all enjoy.

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail Ride Review - Lifted / Custom Side by Side ATV - UTV - SxS Utility Vehicle 4x4

Also, if his Pioneer 1000-5 isn’t cool enough… Check out his Pioneer 500 in the pictures below! The pictures below of his custom Pioneer 500 don’t do it any justice as its one awesome and very capable side by side. Click “Like” and or comment below if you’d like to see a detailed write-up on his Pioneer 500 build. Check out his Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe build thread on HondaSxS.com by Clicking Here, you’ll find more detailed information on the parts & accessories used as well as more pictures too.

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Custom Honda Pioneer 1000-5 & 500 Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / Utility Vehicle Pictures

Pioneer 1000-5 Aftermarket Accessories & OEM Accessories / Parts & Modification List:

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Here’s a short video of this Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe in action out on the trails… Click on the video below to subscribe to his YouTube Channel as he has multiple videos of him hitting the trails etc!