Honda Pit Bike Racing on Slick Track = WIPEOUT City + Night Ride | Z50R 88cc VS CRF50 / 110 etc

– 1984 Honda Z50R 88cc VS CRF50 VS CRF70 VS CRF110 PitBike Racing Wrecks + Night Ride etc –

We never grow up… Do we? Haha! Here’s a video of a few friends and I having some fun during a quick night ride with me on my 1984 Honda Z50R with an 88cc big bore kit, race head and a few other performance goodies mixed in with a few other bikes from Nathan / Casey & Neal over at

  • CRF50F – 88cc big bore kit with race head
  • CRF50F – 88cc big bore kit with race head
  • CRF70F
  • CRF70F – 88cc big bore kit with race head
  • CRF110F – Simple bolt-ons
  • Thumpstar 125
    • * If you want to skip the night ride and get to the indoor slick track pitbike action where most of the wrecks are etc, skip to 5:33 in the video.

On the next night ride, I’ll have a few lights to light everything up so you guys can see what’s going on a little better. I just finished up ordering 5,300 lumens worth of LED lights so if we can’t see what’s going on then, – we’ve got a problem haha! Hope you guys get a laugh or two out of it all and if you don’t mind, slap that “like” button on the video as that helps me tremendously on YouTube. Thanks as always guys!

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