Honda CRF250L Dual Sport – Yoshimura, Bazzaz, Daniel Crower (DCR), Race Tech + More!

– Custom Honda CRF250L Dual Sport Bike / Motorcycle Performance Parts Build –

The build on this Honda CRF250L dual sport bike may not be the baddest out there but the main goal was accomplished. The goal was to bump the current top-speed up while making it accelerate a little faster while still maintaining Honda’s reliability. In return making it a little more fun to ride.

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Custom 2015 Honda CRF250L Yoshimura RS-4 Exhaust - DCR Cams - Race Tech Suspension

Since you have the Honda CBR250R engine in the CRF250L frame, a multitude of performance parts are only a click of a button away. Part of the fun of owning a bike is modifying it in my opinion and it’s easy to get carried away…

Honda CRF250L Aftermarket Parts List:

CRF250L Engine / Horsepower / Performance parts

  • Bazzaz Z-FI fuel controller
  • Bazzaz Z-AFM self-mapper (auto-tune)
  • Yoshimura RS-4 full exhaust with carbon fiber tip
  • Daniel Crower Racing (DCR) CRF250L / CBR250R cams
  • Custom aluminum air-box with K&N air filter

CRF250L Suspension parts

  • Race Tech G3-S Custom Series shock
  • Race Tech gold valve front suspension kit with compression and rebound valves
  • Scott’s steering stabilizer / damper

With these performance mods it has bumped the top speed of the CRF250L up quite a bit. With stock gearing and a 210lb rider it was around the 85 MPH mark and now the current top speed is in excess of 100+ MPH. The final time hasn’t been finished yet but I will update soon with more information on the final top speed and tire choices etc.

The first production year for the CRF250L was 2013 and it’s been an extremely hot seller since day one and continues to be even in 2015. If you haven’t had a chance to ride the CRF250L yet, you need to! They are a blast. Reminds me of the old saying “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow…

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Not too much longer and we’ll have 2016 CRF250L specs, pictures, pricing, videos etc posted up so keep an eye on here for more info as it’s released…

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