First wrecked Honda TALON 1000 R Sport Side by Side | BIG Damage = Totaled and For Sale Cheap?

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– First Honda TALON 1000R Wrecked = Totaled / Salvaged Title @ Auction! –

Sadly, we all knew it wouldn’t be too long before we started to see Honda TALON 1000 models crashed, wrecked and all banged up. It’s the nature of the beast, this new crop of sport side by side models from all the manufacturers are absolute beasts. They make you feel like you’re superman when it comes to driving them – all the way up until you find out that you’re really not superman lol. I won’t lecture anyone as I love to raise hell too but don’t forget guys… Be safe out there! Back on the topic at hand though, people are going to push these things because that’s what they are built for. That’s why we buy them. We long for that smile it puts on our face when we’re bringing out our inner hooligan, acting a fool and just having fun in general. With that fun and performance comes plenty of wrecks so I’m sure this TALON 1000R will only be the first wrecked one added to the long list that’s coming of salvaged title TALON models.

  • Wrecked Talon info:
    • Model: 2019 Honda TALON 1000R
    • VIN: 1HFVE0542K4000084
    • Title: Salvage (Texas)
    • Miles: 112
    • Original sale date: 3/29/2019
    • Factory warranty ends: 3/28/2020 (HondaCare Protection Plan extended warranty can be added up until 3/28/2020)
    • Auction link: here
    • Highest bid at posting: $9,000
      • UPDATE 7/17/2019: 
        • Wrecked / Totaled TALON 1000R final selling price at auction: $12,900

I’m lost as to what damage we can’t see as there has to be something. The plastic damage pictured just doesn’t add up to anywhere near enough money for an insurance company to claim it as totaled, which it was because of the salvage title it now has. At first I thought it could be a theft recovery and that’s why but it has to be labeled as such by the auction company when that’s the case. Maybe there’s suspension or frame damage etc that we can’t see from the pictures.  However, if that was the case then you would think there would be more exterior damage to the TALON than what’s there – right?

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What do you guys think about the damage that was done to this 2019 TALON 1000R? If you had the cash in your pocket, what’s the highest amount you would be willing to bid? I’m curious on what you guys think…

UPDATE: I got in contact with the original owner! He found me on Instagram, gotta love technology sometimes. Here’s what he had to say on how it all happened and the damage etc: “It was two weeks old and rolled down a hill , bending the roll bar and control arms.. also torte most of the plastic all the way around. Insurance paid it off and I went and bought a green 1000r!!!! When it rolled – the light bar broke. I had to use trail marker tape to tie it up!! I will tell you low gear is also messed up on it.. something happened when it rolled. Honda wants 4,500.00 just to get it out of the talon!! Other than slight toll bar damage,, and a bent control arm, If you look at driver rear end plastic.. and driver door. And the hood- duh. Honda isn’t making replacement plastic for these at the time of accident. So, they had no choice unfortunately. I still have the owners manual for it, if you want it for your sale!!! I’d be happy to mail it.” Thanks again bud for reaching out and shedding some light on the subject and congrats on your new TALON 1000R in green now too haha!

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