2016 Honda Rebel 250 Review / Specs / Pictures & Videos

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2016 Rebel 250 Motorcycle Review of Specs & Features (CMX250C)

What attracts you to motorcycling? The freedom? The excitement? Getting out in the wind? The economy? The practicality? The style? It’s probably all of the above—at least it is for most riders. And that’s why thousands of riders have picked the Honda Rebel as their first choice. The Rebel offers all the freedom and excitement of a motorcycle, but in a package that’s big on style and small on intimidation. Its reliable 234cc four-stroke twin delivers smooth power, and its five-speed transmission is a smooth shifter. Then there’s the Rebel’s price—never has so much style and capability cost so little. No wonder the Rebel has long been one of our best-selling bikes! Why deal with a used machine or one you’ll outgrow in a year or two when you can be on a Rebel and living large?

2016 Honda Rebel 250 Price / MSRP: $4,190
2016 Honda Rebel 250 MPG: 84 Miles Per Gallon
2016 Honda Rebel 250 Horsepower: 18.2 HP

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Style Meets Savings
Sure, the Rebel has classic cruiser looks. But even more, it’s rated at a phenomenal 84 MPG, so you can cruise by the pumps and look good in the process.

How Low Can You Go?
The Rebel’s low seat height means you can put both feet flat on the ground at stops, and that helps build confidence. With a seat height lower than 27 inches, the Rebel is super user-friendly in the inseam department.

Honda Power
The Rebel’s twin-cylinder, four-stroke powerplant is perfectly suited for a wide range of riders, from first-timers to commuters to anyone who appreciates economy and efficiency—But it’s also a lot of fun.

Features & Innovations

  • 234cc SOHC Engine
    Proven four-stroke powerplant is smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. Screw-type valve adjusters simplify engine work, while automatic cam-chain tensioner and solid-state CD ignition are both maintenance-free.
  • Constant-Velocity Carburetor
    Constant-velocity (CV) carburetor gives excellent throttle response and helps contribute to the Rebel’s estimated 84 MPG fuel efficiency*.
  • Screw-Type Valve Adjusters
    Screw-type valve adjusters are simple, proven, and reliable, and help to simplify maintenance.
  • Automatic Cam-Chain Tensioner
    Automatic cam-chain tensioner requires no maintenance and helps make an already low-maintenance motorcycle even better.
  • Solid-State CD Ignition
    Maintenance-free, solid-state CD ignition never needs adjustment and is super-reliable.
  • Chassis / Suspension
    Semi-double-cradle frame allows a long wheelbase and extremely low seat height (26.6″). Hydraulic front fork with dual bushings and dual rear shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability deliver a smooth ride and light, agile handling.
  • Spoke Wheels
    The Rebel’s spoke-type wheels with chrome rims add a real custom look to this sharp machine.
  • Front-Disc Brake
    Front-disc brake with twin-piston caliper provides great, predictable stopping power and is self-adjusting.
  • Electric Starter
    Simple, reliable push-button electric starter makes getting underway a snap, even on cold mornings or if your bike’s been sitting for a week.
  • Classic Styling Accents
    Custom-styled, chrome-plated headlight, tail light and turn signal casings add gleaming touches to the classic Rebel package. Pullback handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, two-piece custom seat and bobbed fenders evoke the classic look of yesteryear.

Additional Features

  • Dual rear shocks feature five-position spring preload adjustment.
  • Rectangular-section swingarm.
  • Wide 15-inch rear tire.
  • O-ring-sealed chain for increased durability.
  • Pullback handlebar.
  • 2.6-gallon teardrop fuel tank.
  • Two-piece custom-styled seat.
  • Custom-styled, chrome-plated headlight case.
  • Stylish, chrome-plated taillight housing.
  • Simple, straightforward instrumentation.
  • Chrome-plated turn-signal housings.
  • Maintenance-free battery.
  • Push-to-cancel turn-signal switch.
  • Key-operated steering lock for added security.
  • Easy-to-use helmet lock.
  • Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.
2016 Honda Rebel 250 Specifications
Model: CMX250C
Engine Type: 234cc air-cooled parallel-twin
Bore and Stroke: 53.0mm x 53.0mm
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
Valve Train: SOHC; two valves per cylinder
Induction: Single 26mm diaphragm-type
CV carburetor
Ignition: CD
Transmission: Five-speed
Final Drive: O-ring-sealed chain
Suspension Front: 33mm fork; 4.6 inches travel
Rear: Dual shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability; 2.9 inches travel
Brakes Front: Single disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear: Drum
Tires Front: 3.00-18
Rear: 130/90-15
Wheelbase: 57.1 inches
Rake (Caster Angle): 30°40’
Trail: 113mm (4.4 inches)
Seat Height: 26.6 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2.6 gallons, including 0.7-gallon reserve
Fuel Economy Estimate**: 84 mpg
Curb Weight: 331 pounds

2016 Honda Rebel 250 Specifications
Publication Order Numbers: Specification
Service Manual: 61KEN16
Owner’s Manual: 31K17620
Engine: Specification, Units: mm (in)
Cylinder arrangement: Vertical twin, parallel
Bore and stroke: 53 x 53 mm (2.1 x 2.1 in)
Displacement: 234 cm³ (14.3 cu-in)
Cylinder compression at rpm: 1,100 kPa (11.2 kgf/cm², 159 psi) at 600 rpm
Standard: 0.010 – 0.040 (0.0004 – 0.0016)
Service Limit: 0.10 (0.004)
Intake: 0.06 – 0.10 (0.002 – 0.004)
Exhaust: 0.06 – 0.10 (0.002 – 0.004)
Recommended engine oil/classification/viscosity: Honda GN4 4-stroke oil/API SF or SG/SAE 10W-30
Oil capacity after draining/engine oil filter change: 1.5 liter (1.6 US qt, 1.3 Imp qt)
Final Drive: Specification
C/S sprocket: 14
Rear sprocket: 33
Drive chain size (x) links: 520 x 120
Drive chain slack: 15 – 25 mm (5/8 – 1 in)
Fuel System: Specification
Type/throttle bore: CV single carburetor/26 mm ( 1.0 in)
Carburtetor/throttle body ID #: 49 State type: VE35C/CA type: VE36B
Float level: 18.5 mm (0.73 in)
Main jet: # 108
Slow jet: # 38
Pilot screw initial opening: 2-3/4 turns out
Idle speed (+/- 100 rpm): 1,400 ± 100 rpm
Throttle grip/lever free play: 2 – 6 mm (1/12 – 1/4 in)
Suspension: Specification
Recommended fork fluid: Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8
Fork fluid capacity/and level: 234 cm³ (7.9 US oz)/129 mm (5.1 in)
Tires: Specification
Front  Size: 3.00 – 18 47P
Cold tire pressure: 200 kPa (2.00 kgf/cm², 29 psi)
Rear  Size: 130/90 – 15M/C
Cold tire pressure: 200 kPa (2.00 kgf/cm², 29 psi)
Battery/Charging System: Specification
Charging system type: Triple phase output alternator
BatteryCapacity/Model: 12 V – 6 Ah
Fully charged: 13.0 – 13.2 V
Needs charging: Below 12.3 V
Normal: 0.6 A/10 h
Quick: 3.0 A/1.0 h
Regulated voltage at rpm: 13.5 – 14.0 V/5,000 rpm
Lighting Equipment: Specification
Hi: 12 V – 36.5/35 W
Brake/tail light: 12 V – 2/32 CP (7/27 W)
Front turn signal/running light bulb: 12 V – 32 cp (23 W)
Rear turn signal light bulb: 12 V – 32 cp (23 W)
Ignition System: Specification
Ignition system type: AC-CDI
Ignition timing (F mark): 10° BTDC/1,400 rpm
Standard – NGK: CR6HSA
Spark plug gap: 0.6 – 0.7 mm (0.02 – 0.03 in)
Ignition coil peak voltage: 100 V minimum
Ignition pulse generator peak voltage: 0.7 V minimum
Alternator exciter coil peak voltage: 100 V minimum
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