New 2020 Honda Adventure Motorcycle SNEAK PEEK Video + Announcement / Release Date News!

– 2020 Honda Africa Twin with Changes or CRF450 Rally or a different Adventure Motorcycle on the way…!?! –

We’ve been talking about a new adventure motorcycle (mini Africa Twin = OHHH YEAH!) that has been in the works for quite some time. Thankfully, this isn’t going to be an “adventure style” motorcycle but a legitimately capable adventure bike. Could Honda also be rolling out the changes to the 2020 Africa Twin 1000 (possible jump to an Africa Twin 1100 / 1200) at the same time? Very possible. However, I don’t think Honda would want to overshadow an all-new model announcement with the release of other big big industry news like with massive changes to the Africa Twin. We may not even see those changes to the 2020 Africa Twin as it very-well could roll over to the 2021 Africa Twin and us just receive BNG (Bold New Graphics).

Could it be one of the many “True Adventure” labeled concept / prototype bikes that we have seen Honda toying with over the last couple of years? Could this just be a production read 2020 CRF450 Rally based off the CRF450L platform? It’s definitely possible and very likely. 

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Either way, our curiosity will be satisfied very soon… Thankfully, as the video tells us absolutely nothing but it does get us salivating and talking about it some more so there’s a plus – kinda. How soon? Well, if you followed the blog or my social media regularly then you would know that we’ve got two more 2020 Honda motorcycle model lineup announcements on the way. It’ll be September on the 2020 Honda Supersport bikes, Cruisers, Touring and entry model motorcycles and then in November for 2020 Honda Sport Bikes, Scooters, Dual Sport and Cruisers. With the September 2020 motorcycle announcement from Honda we will see this new Adventure motorcycle released… Then we’ll see it at all of the big motorcycle shows coming up like EICMA, Tokyo Motor Show etc as they are only a couple of months away.

What do you guys want to see out of Honda when it comes to a new adventure motorcycle for 2020? Heck, even 2021 and beyond. It’s an interesting topic as “adventure motorcycle” used to be a pretty distinct looking model classification when it came to what they were. Now, it’s a pretty loosely used term as we have multiple adventure categories now. The entire segment used to be the red-headed step-child so-to-say but over the last few years has grown by leaps and bounds in models offered from not only Honda but all of the manufacturers.

* Disclaimer: Everything said here is pure “speculation”. I don’t need another subpoena haha.