UPDATE – 2016 Honda Africa Twin 1000 Release Date (USA) / Motorcycle News

– OFFICIAL UPDATE / Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Release Date (USA) –

As I mentioned in the last 2016 Africa Twin Update, Honda planned to let dealers know in March exactly what the release dates would be and how many each dealer would be getting etc. The estimated release date for all dealers back in February at the time of the initial order was May 31, 2016. Now, those dates have been updated… The dealer you placed your deposit with will now be able to tell you when and if they will be getting the color and specific model you requested whether it be the manual-clutch Africa Twin or the DCT version.

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The exact 2016 Africa Twin release dates will vary from dealer to dealer and will also be dependent upon what level they are with Honda. As an example, my experience with this first CRF1000L Africa Twin order has mine scheduled for May 29, 2016.

Do you have a deposit on an Africa Twin? If so, what color and are you going with the manual clutch or the DCT automatic Africa Twin?

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