Video: 2021 Honda CBR500R Changes Explained, Review of Specs, Start-Up / Walk-Around…

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– 2021 Honda CBR500R Video Review: Changes Explained, Specs and more on this 500 cc CBR sport bike! –

Let’s take a look at the new Pearl White 2021 Honda CBR500R and go over some of the changes for this year and dive into some of the detailed specs that make the CBR500R what it is and why you should have it on your list of new 2021 motorcycles to buy:


Want even more info on the 2021 CBR500R sport bike? Here’s a detailed 2021 CBR500R Review / Buyer’s Guide with even more info (more than what I could cover in the video), check it out by Clicking Here. I can’t release 2022 CBR500R info at the moment but I do have some new 2022 Honda motorcycle news posted here, on the 2022 Motorcycle Lineup page.

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