2023 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs + Changes Explained | miniMOTO Buyer’s Guide

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– New 2023 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs: Price, Colors, Horsepower, MPG + More on the Best Selling Mini Bike / Motorcycle! –


2023 Honda Grom 125 - Red

Say hello to the new 2023 Honda Grom 125 mini bike / motorcycle! One of the best selling motorcycles Honda has released in decades and for good reason. Why is that? Well, the Grom is one of the cheapest 2023 motorcycles you can buy and it gets over 100 MPG while being super easy to ride and easy to customize too, plus Grom parts are super cheap if you wreck it – so… what’s not to love? On this page, we’re going to break down all of the nitty-gritty 2023 Honda Grom info you need to know and a lot more…


Quick Honda Grom notes: The Honda Grom and a MSX125 are the same bike, just named differently for the country they are in. The MSX125 was originally announced in 2012 as a 2013 year model on the other side of the world. Then in 2013, Honda announced that the MSX125 was coming here, to the USA as the Grom and it would be a 2014 model year. The 2015 Grom was identical to the 2013. Honda skipped the 2016 Grom production year and went straight to the 2017 with some new changes thrown at it on the aesthetic side of things with no real mechanical changes. Then we fast forward and the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Grom models are all identical but with different color options.

As a Grom owner from each generation (my OG pictured below), I’m thinking I may have to snatch one of these up. I was a little hesitant at first but the new generation, 2022 Grom is really growing on me. Especially after seeing some of these new custom builds on the 2022 Grom that are already out there, the possibilities are endless on the new platform – just like the previous generations but now easier than ever as you’ll see below with some of the custom 2022 Grom pictures below. The ability to easily swap body panels and change the overall look on the 2022 Grom with ease has really peaked my interest and intrigued me. It’s been nothing short of amazing at what this bike has done and the amount of smiles that it has delivered from young kids to long-time riding in their 70s. To me, it brought back the fun of riding that I’d lost over the years by chasing a faster and faster bike with each purchase. It wasn’t all about fun, it was about what was “better”, was it lighter or more powerful etc instead of me thinking about how much fun I was going to have. A lot of people told me I was crazy for wanting one off the first shipment to the USA back in 2013, why would anyone want a small 125cc motorcycle they asked? Now, a lot of those naysayers own a Grom or will admit just how much fun they are and that this bike is here to stay for a long time. Well, as long as Honda doesn’t mess it up haha!

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Custom 2014 Honda Grom 125 by HondaPro Kevin with FMF Exhaust and more!

2023 Honda Grom 125 Changes Explained: 2023 Grom VS 2022 Grom, which one is better? They are identical. The only changes to the 2023 Honda Grom 125 for the USA are colors and pricing. We are losing the Queen Bee Yellow and Candy Blue colors for the Grom from 2022 and they are being replaced with Force Silver Metallic and Cherry Red for the 2023 Grom. While the Matte Black Metallic returns from 2022 to the 2023 Grom as does the Pearl White SP Grom but this time around you can only get the Grom SP in 2023 with ABS – Honda’s Anti-Lock Braking System. While pricing on the standard brake model Grom had a $100 increase for 2023 and if you want the 2023 Grom with ABS, it had a $200 price increase from last year, bringing it up to $3,799.


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Before we dive into the stock Honda Grom info, take a look at this HRC spec Grom 125! You can check out more info and pictures by Clicking Here. I’m betting that we’ll see a lot of guys build custom bikes to look similar to this out of their new Grom!

NEW 2023 Honda Grom 125 HRC Race Kit Performance Parts, Exhaust, ECU and more...

  • Quick 2023 Grom 125 Info / Specs:
    • 2023 Grom 125 Model Options / Variations:
      • 2023 Honda Grom 125
      • 2023 Honda Grom 125 ABS
    • 2023 Grom 125 Price / MSRP: $3,499 
    • 2023 Grom 125 ABS Price / MSRP: $3,799 (Grom SP)
    • 2023 Grom 125 USA Release Date: April 2022
    • 2023 Grom 125 Colors: Cherry Red, Force Silver Metallic, Pearl White (SP ABS), Matte Black Metallic
    • 2023 Grom 125 ABS Colors: Pearl White (SP)
    • 2023 Grom 125 Horsepower: 9.7 HP @ 7,250 RPM (7.2 kW)
      • 2023 Grom VS 2020 Grom Horsepower Comparison:
        • 2020 Grom 9.7 HP @ 7,000 RPM (7.2 kw)
    • 2023 Grom 125 Torque: 7.7 ft/lb TQ @ 5,500 RPM (10.5 Nm) 
      • 2023 Grom VS 2020 Grom Torque Comparison:
        • 2023 Grom 8.0 TQ @ 5,500 RPM (10.9 Nm)
    • 2023 Grom 125 MPG: 155 Miles Per Gallon (65.7 km/l)
    • 2023 Grom 125 Weight: 227 lbs with ABS (curb) (103 kg)
    • 2023 Grom 125 Fuel Tank Size / Capacity: 1.6 gallons (6.0 liters)
    • 2023 Grom 125 Seat Height: 30 in. (761 mm)
    • 2023 Grom 125 VS 2022 Grom 125 Price Increase: $100 / $200 (ABS) 
    • 2023 Grom 125 Changes: Yes, explained above…

2023 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs | Mini Bike Motorcycle

  • 2023 Grom 125 Review Contents:
    • 1. | Introduction / Overview
    • 2. | Key Features / Development
      • 2.1 | Styling & Equipment
      • 2.2 | Chassis / Suspension
      • 2.3 | Engine
    • 3. | Grom Videos
    • 4. | Photo Gallery / Pictures
      • 4.1 | Custom Grom Pictures
    • 5. | Technical Specifications

1. | Introduction / Overview

2023 Honda Grom 125 SP ABS - White

Easy to use, fun and functional, the original leisure motorcycle was defined by Honda in 1963 with the iconic, small-wheeled Monkey bike and carried on – redefined for each respective generation – with the Dax, Ape and the Monkey, itself reborn in 2018 and 2019 for the USA.

The formula has found resonance with the new breed of young riders. Known as ‘Generation Y’ in the USA, ‘Dek Neaw’ in Thailand and ‘Street-Kei’ in Japan, they have grown up in the borderless internet age, and share a culture, outlook and spirit that defies convention.

Instinctively drawn to motorcycling, they need their first two-wheeled transport to be exciting but not unduly challenging, with a design that sets them apart and a reasonable price tag. In 2013 Honda introduced the MSX125 (Mini Street X-treme 125) to cater specifically for such young riders. 


A truly global product the MSX125 (known as the ‘Grom’ in the USA and Japan) has been a hit across the world. In its first sales season the MSX125 joined the CBF125 in the ranks of Europe’s top 5 best-selling 125cc motorcycles and a massive hit here in the American market when it arrived in 2013 but was for the 2014 model year. And, over the last few years, it has established itself as a firm favorite, whether used for simple urban transport or as a heavily customized style statement by its target market.

After 6 years of quiet success and a small refresh in 2017, with an eye on the next wave of young riders, it was time for a new Grom and that happened last year with the Grom returning for 2023 with new color options for us here in the USA – that the rest of the world has already seen. 

Last year brought completely redesigned bodywork which gave the Grom a new design language; fresh and fun, it’s also easily removed ready for an owner’s creativity to get to work. The LCD dash was also updated and includes a rev-counter and gear position indicator. The Grom also saw a new air-cooled engine introduced that maintains the usable performance of the Grom but adds an extra fifth gear. And the unchanged chassis offers the same small-bike dimensions with big-bike suspension, braking and handling qualities.


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2. | Key Features / Development

  • Easy custom potential; all four panels attach with just six bolts each side
  • LCD dash includes rev counter and gear position indicator

2.1 | Grom 125 Styling & Equipment

The previous Grom’s look was very much a miniature reflection of the modern lines of  Honda’s sport naked motorcycles of the time. For the latest generation, the Grom takes a different design direction. 

New 2023 Honda Grom 125 Engine & Transmission Changes Explained

There’s a new kind of quirkiness about the bodywork – a distinctive individuality that mixes the modernity of sleek LED headlight, pared-down seat unit and subframe with the retro of the super-compact side panels and tank covers. And, influenced by customers’ ongoing  efforts to make their bike unique, the Grom is designed around the concept of adaptability and easy customization – all of the bodywork attaches with six bolts each side, a detail highlighted by large bolt surrounds for another unique design touch.

The gold finish to the USD front forks, and yellow shock spring stand out in bright contrast to the blacked-out engine, exhaust, wheels and swingarm. Easy to read for its compact size the LCD digital dash has been redesigned to include a rev-counter and gear position indicator, alongside the speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and clock. Resetting of the trip meters and clock, or alternation between odometer and trip meter, is managed by the switches either side of the display.


2023 Honda Grom 125 Speedometer / Gauges / Gear Position Indicator / Top Speed | MSX125

Here are the four 2023 Honda Grom 125 color options for the USA:

  • Pearl White (SP) | only on ABS model
  • Force Silver Metallic
  • Cherry Red
  • Matte Black Metallic

Don’t like the way the stock 2023 Honda Grom 125 looks? Don’t worry, with the new body panel design that Honda is going with it is going to leave it all up to you and your imagination with how much you can customize the new 2021 Grom. Here’s just a few examples below on how you can make your new Grom, yours…

Custom 2023 Honda Grom 125 / MSX125 Pictures


2.2 | Grom 125 Chassis / Suspension

  • Steel mono-backbone frame provides central strength; 29.96 inch seat height (761mm)
  • Quality suspension performance from 31mm USD forks and rear monoshock
  • 12-inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

The Grom’s well-proven chassis is essentially unchanged during its 2022 makeover, and the original priorities of design remain relevant: provide the base for a practical bike that new riders could use – and park – with ease in an urban environment, but be just as useable and enjoyable out of town, and also readily accept a passenger.

2023 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs + New Changes! | MSX125

A steel mono-backbone frame ensures the Grom’s core strength. Its rigid, square-section tube joins the headstock directly to the swingarm pivot plates and every other part in effect hangs visibly from the frame, greatly contributing to the minimalist look. Specifically tuned vertical / horizontal rigidity and flex in the swingarm pivot and engine hanger plates provides the perfect balance of comfort and confidence.

The frame structure also enables efficient storage of PGM-FI-related components and electrical parts inside the tank cover and fuel capacity is increased to 1.6 gallons (6.0L). Wheelbase is a snug and follows suit from the previous generation at 47.2 in. (1200mm), with rake and trail of 25°/84mm. Curb weight is reduced to 227 lbs for the ABS model (103kg). A low 29.96 inch seat height (761mm) makes the Grom very manageable; its size also ensures that motor home owners find it easy to load/unload, transport and use.



Suspension front and rear delivers ‘beyond class’ quality. The 31mm USD fork reduces unsprung weight and, thanks to the pistons’ greater pressure-bearing area (compared to a standard telescopic fork) offers improved damping feel throughout the stroke. The top and bottom yokes are full-sized, further enhancing handling and rider feel while a lightweight and robust single rear shock operates a simple and tough H-shape, 50mm x 25mm steel box section swingarm.

Another change in the right direction is there in the fuel department. The 2022 Honda Grom has a larger fuel tank to increase your distance between refueling just a touch, the new Grom has a 1.6 gallon fuel tank (6.0L) – up from the 1.45 gallon (5.5L) gas tank on the previous generation Grom. 

Fundamental to the Grom’s form and function are its 5-spoke (re-styled) 12-inch cast aluminum wheels, which feature wide 2.5-inch rims. Front 120/70-12 and 130/70-12 rear tires also inject dynamic looks and performance. Hydraulic dual piston front (finished in gold) and single piston rear brake calipers work front 220mm and rear 190mm discs. The ABS system operates through an IMU and is optional for the USA. 

New 2023 Honda Grom 125 Engine Specs: Horsepower, Torque, MPG + More!

2.3 | Grom 125 Engine

  • 125cc air-cooled two-valve engine
  • Five-speed transmission improves out-of-town cruising potential
  • EURO5 compliance

The Grom has a 125cc two-valve air-cooled engine, with 50mm bore and 63.1mm stroke (previously 52.4mm x 57.9mm), and compression ratio of 10.0:1 (previously 9.3:1). Peak horsepower, all 9.7 of it arrives at 7,250 RPM (7.2kW), with peak torque of 7.7 lb/ft at 5,500 RPM (10.5Nm).

  • 2022 Grom 125 VS 2020 Grom Horsepower Comparison:
    • 2022 Grom 125 Horsepower: 9.7 HP @ 7,250 RPM (7.2 kW)
      • 2020 Grom 125 Horsepower: 9.7 HP @ 7,000 RPM (7.2 kw)
  • 2022 Grom / MSX125 VS 2020 Grom / MSX125 Torque Comparison:
    • 2022 Grom 125 Torque: 7.7 ft/lb TQ @ 5,500 RPM (10.5 Nm) 
      • 2020 Grom 125 Torque: 8.0 TQ @ 5,500 RPM (10.9 Nm)

2023 Honda Grom 125 Engine Specs: Horsepower, Torque and MPG!

Just like the previous design, the Grom’s engine packs a perfect blend of zippy roll-on performance with useful, accessible all-round ability. Really, this unit all about fun of twisting a throttle, but one major upgrade that riders will appreciate is the application of a 5-speed gearbox (rather than 4-speed) to spread the ratios further and give more relaxed, higher-speed cruising. How about the 2023 Honda Grom top speed? Here’s a video below where I test the Grom’s top speed on the highway:


Manual clutch operation still imparts a full-sized motorcycle experience, while the 15T gearbox sprocket, 38T final drive sprocket and 12-inch wheels deliver lively around-town response plus the ability to travel slowly in a high gear – perfect for threading easily through tight traffic.

It’s also economical, returning 155 MPG (66.6km/l WMTC mode) by using low-friction technologies, such as an offset cylinder and roller-rocker arm for the valve gear. Sophisticated PGM-FI guarantees highly efficient combustion, and works in conjunction with both air intake and exhaust to deliver an involving experience at the throttle. A large, 2.5L airbox and panel-type,wet paper filter provide reliable and quiet airflow; the filter itself has a life of 10,000 miles. The exhaust downpipe and muffler are now two separate parts.

2023 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs + NEW Changes Explained!

The Grom is homologated for EURO5, which from January 1st 2020, introduced significantly stricter engine emissions standards compared to EURO4. These requirements include substantial reductions in permitted carbon monoxide emissions, an over 40% decrease in total hydrocarbon emissions, tougher misfire detection and the introduction of a particulate matter limit. 

3. | Honda Grom Videos











4. | 2023 Grom 125 Photo Gallery / Pictures

More pictures to come… 

4.1 | Custom 2022 Grom 125 Pictures

5. | Technical Specifications

  2022 Honda Grom Specifications
Model Grom ABS Grom
Type 123.9cc air-cooled four-stroke 80º single cylinder
Valve Train SOHC; two-valve
Bore x Stroke 50.0 mm x 63.1 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Induction PGM-FI automatic fuel injection w/ 24 mm bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Driveline Chain final drive; 15T/38T
Transmission Manual; 5 speeds
Clutch Multiplate wet
Front 31 mm telescopic inverted fork; 4.3 in. travel
Rear Single shock w/ box-section steel swingarm; 4.1 in. travel
Front Single hydraulic 2-piston caliper w/ 220 mm disc; ABS Single hydraulic 2-piston caliper w/ 220 mm disc
Rear Single hydraulic 1-piston caliper w/ 190
mm disc; ABS
Single hydraulic 1-piston caliper w/ 190
mm disc
Front 120/70-12
Rear 130/70-12
Rake (castor angle) 25º
Trail 84 mm (3.31 in.)
Length 69.2 in.
Width 28.4 in.
Height 40.0 in.
Seat Height 30.0 in.
Ground Clearance 7.0 in.
Wheelbase 47.2 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.6 gal.
Curb Weight* 231 lbs. 227 lbs.
Colors Pearl White (SP) Matte Black Metallic; Force Silver Metallic; Cherry Red
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