Honda Grom 125 Motorcycle Group Ride – Chattanooga TN / August 2015

– Honda Grom Rides = Pure Hooliganism –

It’s been incredibly HOT here lately in the Chattanooga, TN area so we haven’t gotten together for our Grom rides every weekend like normal.

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Custom Honda Grom 125 Motorcycle Group Ride

If you didn’t wear protective gear, it’s not too terribly bad. Dealing with 95+ temps with your leather jacket or similar textile, mesh jacket, gloves, etc it can make riding quite miserable. Well, let me rephrase that – the riding part isn’t miserable but the times you stop and bake like an egg on the pavement is what aids in killing some of the fun. I wish I could ride without wearing any gear but I feel naked and would rather deal with sweating than having to go through the entire skin graph process.

Custom White Honda Grom - MSX125 Orange Wheels / Rims

I had everyone meet up at our usual location at 10:00 AM in hopes of being able to beat some of the heat. We meet up at the Murphy Express gas station on Lee Hwy at the Hwy 153 intersection as it is a pretty central location for most of us since some come from the north GA area too. We also had the pleasure of some friends driving down from Nashville, TN with three of their Grom’s to join in on the fun.

Custom Modified Honda Grom MSX 125 Motorcycle Pictures / Photo Gallery Chattanooga TN

Everyone is always modding their Grom’s and throwing new aftermarket parts and accessories on them. After a short bit of time looking them over and going over new goodies we’ve installed, it was time to hit the road. We rode through downtown Chattanooga and after a few wheelies, sidewalk jumping, etc we took our Groms over to Coolidge Park to snap a few pictures with the Market Street Bridge in the background and take a short break.

– Walk Around Video of Today’s Custom Honda Groms that showed up –

Then we all hopped on our Groms and headed towards Signal Mtn, TN to enjoy one of the best roads in our town. We were excited to hit Suck Creek Rd and play around a little bit as it has plenty of nice curves and twisties to play on as it goes up Signal Mountain. We sadly found out that the city has torn Suck Creek road to pieces and grooved the pavement the entire way down the backside of the mountain. On big bikes with standard 17″ wheels the grooved payment can be a minor hassle BUT with the small 12″ wheels on the Grom… It’s borderline dangerous. Thankfully, we only had one incident. Curt wasn’t injured badly aside from a small hit to his ego. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times “Groms crash very well!”. We only had to bend his rear brake pedal back into place and we were off riding again.

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Honda Grom Wreck - Custom White MSX125 with Orange Wheels

We finished rolling down the mountain and headed off to explore some more back roads in the I believe Dayton, Whitwell, Soddy Daisy area. I always get those towns mixed up but I know we were on the backside of Signal Mtn. We then headed up the highway that goes up and over Signal Mtn so we didn’t have to hit Suck Creek Rd again. We luckily didn’t have that mess of a road to deal with but this route had something strange going on. I swear there had to have been hundreds and hundreds of yard sales happening for miles and miles. This led to us being stuck in stop and go traffic but thankfully the Grom is so small which helped us dodge and weave our way through cutting down some of the wait time in traffic.

– Honda Grom / MSX125 C4 Revolutions Stunt Cage Walk Around Video –

After finally getting past all the yard sale traffic we went down a road call “The W Road”. If you haven’t seen it before it’s worth checking out. The top part you can’t carry a lot of speed as it is ridiculously tight but still something cool to hop on. After the tight part of the W road it does open up to where you can have some fun through the smoothly paced turns. If you’re lucky enough to roll through on a day without a lot of traffic you can really have some fun and carry quite a bit of speed.

Honda Grom MSX125 Tyga Under / Lower Cowl Fairing

Shortly after that we called it a day and headed back home. The ride home wasn’t without a little drama though. Nathan and I were humming down Interstate 75 (I 75) at about 70-73 MPH on our Groms drafting each other and other traffic pegging it off the rev limiters as we hit our top speeds. It’s funny how going that slow can be so much fun haha. Nathan starts pointing at his fuel tank mentioning we needed to stop but since we were only about 5 minutes from our houses, he decided to take a gamble and hope the flashing gas light on his Grom would have enough fumes to make it. We pick up speed again and I’m out front tucked to stay in the draft of a vehicle in front of me minding my own business. I glance back and all of a sudden Nathan is gone. My heart drops as I knew he was right behind me only seconds earlier. I pull off the side of the interstate and call him hoping he answers and thankfully he did. As it turns out, Nathan ran out of gas on his Grom haha. I was racing home to grab my car and gas can to head his way but thankfully a good samaritan in a Mini Cooper pulled over with a gas can on his roof rack. He hooked Nathan up with enough fuel to make it back home. It’s nice to see there’s still some nice people in the world willing to help someone in need on the side of the road.

Honda Grom MSX125 Tyga Lower Under Cowl Fairing

All in all today was a great day of riding on our Groms. Everyone made it home in one piece and without major injuries etc which is of course our number one priority. It’s amazing how many times we are still asked about our Groms by the average public even though they have been our for two years in the USA (First shipment released in August of 2013). I lost count with how many times we were asked “What is that?” or “What kind of motorcycle is that?“. People can’t look at them or sit on the Grom without having a smile on their face thinking about how much fun they could have on it. Honda has truly hit a home run with this motorcycle. In my 10 years of being in the motorcycle business, I have yet to see any bike create the commotion that the Grom has and still does even 2 years later.

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Honda Grom MSX 125 Brocks Exhaust - Low Mount Exhaust / Muffler Performance Parts

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I get asked all the time at work “Which Honda Grom exhaust is the best?” Or “What does the Honda Grom exhaust sound like?” etc. I finally remembered to get a few exhaust sound clip videos on all the Honda Groms that showed up today. I’ll continue to get more Grom exhaust videos and post them up as we have a good mixture of brands in our Grom group including; Yoshimura, FMF, Competition Werkes, Brocks Performance, DG Performance. Two Brothers, M4, etc as the list goes on.

– Honda Grom / MSX125 Yoshimura RS-9 Exhaust Video & Sound Clip –

– Honda Grom / MSX125 Brocks Performance Exhaust Video & Sound Clip –

– Honda Grom / MSX125 DG Performance Exhaust Video & Sound Clip –

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