Honda Grom / MSX Dual Exhaust Review – WirusWin Twin Full System

– Honda Grom / MSX WirusWin Dual Undertail Exhaust Review (Atomic Sports Type Muffler) –

Honda Grom Dual Exhaust Review / Video Sound Clip - WirusWin Twin Muffler Atomic Full Exhaust

I fell in love with the Wirus Win exhaust for the Grom when I first purchased my Honda Grom back in 2013. I was hesitant to spend the money though as the exhaust wasn’t a well known brand that we’re used to here in the USA like Yoshimura, Brock’s Performance, Akrapovic, Two Brothers, FMF, Competition Werkes etc. So I put my “wants” on the back-burner since I couldn’t come across any Grom / MSX125 exhaust reviews on it or sound-clips etc. I went with the FMF exhaust on my Grom that you can read more about here.

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Fast forward a couple years and now we’re in 2016. I’ve got a couple spare Honda Grom’s that I can modify so I figured I would give it a shot and see what this Grom dual exhaust was all about. Deep down inside I think I have a love for this Grom exhaust because it is an undertail mounted setup like my CBR600RR. So I pulled the trigger and ordered away. Even though it had to travel halfway across the globe, it only took about 1 1/2 weeks to arrive via USPS.

I cracked open the box to find that Wirus Win packages their products extremely well. You don’t have to worry about your exhaust, muffler, piping etc getting dinged up as it was neatly wrapped with quite a bit of bubble wrap as you can see from the pictures.

One thing I like about the Wirus Win exhaust for the Grom & MSX is that it also includes a fender eliminator. If it didn’t include this, you would have quite the time trying to find a way to mount your tag due to the location of the muffler under the tail. You can run the typical fender eliminator with this exhaust, you’d have to run it mounted on your swingarm sideways (not a fan of) or one of those added fender setups similar to what you see on adventure bikes. The latter seems to be more popular on MSX bikes overseas as you don’t see them too often on the Grom here in the USA. The fender eliminator is a quality piece made out of stainless steel.

Wirus Win also includes all the hardware that you’ll need to mount the exhaust and fender eliminator for the Grom / MSX. They also include a plug in play setup for a tag light to keep things legal which is another bonus. Nothing has struck me as cheap so far as I go through all of the pieces. They also include a set of baffles for each outlet on the exhaust should you want to rip through the night in stealth mode with your buddies. Wirus Win also includes badging for the muffler that you have the option of installing which is nice as some like the ‘clean’ look without tacky badging that some manufacturers throw on their exhausts.

Now, to one of the two big questions… How is the quality when it comes to fitment with the Wirus Win undertail exhaust for the Grom? I’m extremely happy to report that the fitment was spot on! No rigging was needed or was there ever a feeling of this is a halfway put together piece of junk etc. Everything slipped into place like it should have with both the exhaust and fender eliminator.

The next big question on people’s minds when it comes to an exhaust for their Honda Grom / MSX 125… How does the Wirus Win exhaust sound? I’ll include a video below so you can hear for yourselves as “sound” is very opinionated. Personally, I think it sound awesome! After going through this endeavor with the Wirus Win exhaust, it has got me contemplating whether or not to get rid of my FMF exhaust to run this setup on my own Grom. If it is what you would consider as “loud”, they also include a set of baffles for you to slip in this piece of art. I don’t know why you’d want to but the option is always nice.

Any negatives with my opinion on the Wirus Win exhaust for the Grom / MSX125? It would be nice if they included directions that were in English for us that don’t speak Japanese. It’s not a deal breaker though by any means as it isn’t something that is terribly difficult to install. It would be nice though for those that may need a helping hand during the install.

Would I recommend the Wirus Win Grom / MSX exhaust or buy it again if I could go back and redo it? Yup, in a heartbeat! You won’t be disappointed with this exhaust should you decide to purchase one.

| Honda Grom Wirus Win Exhaust Video SoundClip (below) |

Don’t like the style of exhaust / muffler tips used on this Honda Grom with them turned downwards but love everything else about the setup? WirusWin also makes multiple tip options for the muffler used on this exhaust. If you prefer a straight tip, angled tip etc they have an option for you. How many other exhaust manufacturers offer you that many options to customize its aesthetic style? Not many. This particular model of the WirusWin exhaust is called the “Atomic Twin Full Exhaust Sports Type”.

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