Video: New 2022 Honda Grom 125 Graphics Kits Review | HRC Tri-Color + Phantom Camo!

– Video Review: New 2022 Grom Stickers / Graphics Kits Released as Official Accessories –

Today we take a walk around all of the new 2022 Honda Grom 125 graphics kits that are listed as official accessories from Honda for the new Grom platform.

2022 Honda Grom 125 Review / Specs + New Changes Explained! Release Date, Price, Colors + More on the NEW 2022 Honda Grom MSX125!


Did you fall in love with the HRC race spec 2022 Grom like I did? Well, here’s your chance to build a replica of the HRC Honda Racing Grom with your own HRC Tri-Color sticker kit! If that’s not your thing then you now have different camo colors to choose from for your 2022 Honda Grom and that’s not even counting the new Yoshimura graphics kits that we talk about in the video below as well…

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