2018 Honda Grom Review / Specs + NEW Changes to the 125 cc Mini Bike / Motorcycle!

– New 2018 Honda Grom Changes! Detailed Overview of Specs / Features + More! –

The cat is finally out of the bag on the 2018 Honda Grom! Honda decided to up the safety factor on the Grom for 2018 with the new addition of ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes).

2018 Honda Grom VS 2017 Grom Changes? The only changes for 2018 on the Grom is the option of Anti-Lock Brakes at the time of purchase. Honda has been full-force behind ABS the last few years with more and more models having it available as an option as well as Honda dropping the up-charge for going ABS. In the past, ABS was $1,000 but Honda has now dropped it to where ABS comes in at $300 and up depending on exactly which model you go with but now for the Grom you can get ABS for only $200! That is the only change for 2018 as the color options and every other nut and bolt stay the same on the 2018 Grom.

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The Grom carries on Honda’s long tradition of creating fun, appealing small-wheeled leisure motorcycles, which started with the original Monkey bike of 1963, and continued with the Dax and the Ape. Since its release in 2013 as a 2014 model, the Grom has earned worldwide popularity, with over 300,000 units sold to date as of this time last year (haven’t received updated figures since then). Its exceptionally fuel-efficient air-cooled 125cc engine, quirky looks and nimble handling have attracted entry-level riders, economy-conscious city commuters, camping vehicle owners, experienced riders, racers and other recreational riders alike. It has also gained popularity as the perfect paddock bike for race teams. Thankfully, Honda didn’t alter what is an already awesome package and make it worse as sometimes we see motorcycle manufacturers hit a home-run with a model, then turn around and do a redesign on the same model that backfired and watered down the bike etc etc.

2018 Honda Grom Pricing & Release Dates:

  • 2018 Grom Price / MSRP – $3,349
  • 2018 Grom ABS Price / MSRP – $3,549
  • 2018 Grom Release Date – Late Summer 2017

2018 Honda Grom Model Options / Variations:

  • Honda Grom
  • Honda Grom ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes)

2018 Honda Grom Performance Numbers / Rating:

  • 2018 Grom Horsepower – 9.7 HP @ 7,000 RPM
  • 2018 Grom Torque – 8.04 ft/lb TQ @ 5,500 RPM
  • 2018 Grom Miles Per Gallon – 134 MPG

2018 Honda Grom Colors:

  • Matte Gray Metallic
  • Pearl White
  • Pearl Red
  • Bright Yellow

2018 Honda Grom ABS Colors:

  • Matte Gray Metallic
  • Pearl Red

2018 Honda Grom Colors - White, Gray, Yellow, Red - Review / Specs & Changes - Motorcycle / Mini Bike 125cc

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2018 Honda Grom 125 Review Contents:

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Model overview
  • 3. Key features
  • 4. Quick Overview of Features

1. Introduction

Let’s touch a little on the history behind the Honda Grom before we get too deep into what the 2018 Honda Grom offers you. The Honda Grom was orignially released as a 2014 model year in August of 2013. The Grom returned in 2015 without any changes. Honda skipped the next production year and did not build a 2016 Grom. Then, Honda attacked the 2017 Grom giving it a sharper new attitude with more of a ‘mini-streetfighter’ feel. The new fuel tank and side panels integrate cleanly to give an edgier outlook; up front a unique, new stacked LED headlight gives the Grom a distinctive, ultra-modern face. The compact, upswept tail unit (with LED taillight), higher passenger seat and short, under-slung exhaust complete the bolder new look. When it comes to the engine, frame etc it all stayed the same so the 2nd-generation Grom wasn’t any faster than the 1st-generation Grom.

Easy to use, fun and functional, the original leisure motorcycle was defined by Honda in 1963 with the iconic, small-wheeled Monkey bike and carried on – redefined for each respective generation – with the Dax and Ape. And it’s a formula that still has resonance for a completely new breed of young riders; known as ‘Generation Y’ in the USA, ‘Dek Neaw’ in Thailand and ‘Street-Kei’ in Japan, many of today’s teenagers, having grown up in the borderless, internet age share a culture, fashion and spirit that defies convention.

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Instinctively drawn to motorcycling, they need their first two-wheeled transport to be exciting but not unduly challenging, and want it to pack a design that makes them smile. They also have a desire to turn heads and be more than just a little bit different. Plus, given the usual financial pressures of starting out in life, all of this needs to be achieved as economically as possible.

For Honda the early acquisition and introduction to the quality and values of the brand is important – the youthful buyer of a small capacity leisure bike today could very likely be back for something much bigger tomorrow, and lifelong brand loyalty can often result.

To cater specifically for this generation of young riders, in 2013 Honda produced the Grom (also known as the MSX overseas which = Mini Street X-treme 125). A truly global product (and known as the “Grom” in Japan and USA), the Grom has been a hit across the world, in particular in Thailand where over a quarter of a million units have been sold. It’s everything expected of a Honda, in terms of performance, build quality and usability, but also wears a style and exudes an attitude all its own.

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2. Model Overview

Manufactured in Thailand the Grom is small enough to be supremely manageable yet also has a fully-fledged feel thanks to some standard sized motorcycle parts. I’ve seen some people be hesitant to purchase because of the country that the Grom is manufactured in, I’ll admit I was worried at first too being that I purchased one of the first Grom models to hit the USA back in 2013 but… You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when comparing this bike versus lets say a Honda Ruckus that is manufactured in Japan. The build quality, paint quality etc is spot on! It is part mini-bike, part motorcycle with involving performance matched to confident handling and styling that combines a sense of fun with a tough, urban edge.

The Grom’s well-proven and efficient 125cc fuel-injected engine provides smooth torque and power delivery, and also features a motorcycle-style four-speed gearbox and clutch. Complementing the powerplant is a compact chassis that features a sturdy steel frame, inverted front fork, monoshock rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear and lightweight 12-inch wheels sporting wide, low profile tires.

Four patents were applied for through the original development of the Grom, focused around the split structure tank cover and frame, proof of just how seriously this bike is taken by Honda. Small it may be, but it in terms of worldwide sales, brand awareness and owner satisfaction, its impact has been large.

Honda Grom Walk-Around Videos

2017-2018 Honda Grom Video Overview

 3. Key Features

3.1 Chassis and styling

Priorities for the Grom’s chassis were threefold: it needed to provide the base for a practical bike that new riders could use – and park – with ease in an urban environment. But it also needed to be just as useable and enjoyable out-of-town, and also readily accept a pillion.

The comprehensive redesign last year gave the Grom a sharper new attitude with more of a ‘mini-streetfighter’ feel. The new fuel tank and side panels integrate cleanly to give an edgier outlook; up front a unique, new stacked LED headlight gives the Grom a distinctive, ultra-modern face. The compact, upswept tail unit (with LED taillight), higher pillion seat and short, under-slung exhaust complete the bolder new look.

A steel mono-backbone frame has been employed. Its rigid, square-section tube joins the headstock directly to the swingarm pivot plates and every other part in effect hangs visibly from the frame, greatly contributing to the Grom’s minimalist look. Specifically tuned vertical/horizontal rigidity and flex in the swingarm pivot and engine hanger plates provides the perfect balance of comfort and confidence.

The new frame structure also enabled efficient storage of PGM-FI-related components and electrical parts inside the tank cover without reducing fuel capacity 1.45 gallon. Wheelbase is a snug 47.2 inches, with rake and trail of 25⁰ and 3.2 inches and curb weight of 229 lbs (Grom ABS curb weight 234 lbs). The Grom has a low 30 inch seat height making it very manageable; its size also ensures that motor home owners are sure to find it easy to load/unload, transport and use.

Another aim for the Grom was to provide ‘beyond class’ suspension quality. The 31mm inverted forks – a first for Honda on a 125cc motorcycle – reduces unsprung weight and thanks to the pistons’ greater pressure-bearing area (compared to a standard telescopic fork) offers improved damping feel throughout the stroke. The top and bottom yokes are full-sized, further enhancing handling and rider feel while a lightweight and robust single rear shock operates a simple and tough H-shape, 50mm x 25mm steel box section swingarm.

Fundamental to the Grom’s form and function are its 12-inch cast aluminum wheels, which feature wide 2.5-inch rims. New ‘Y’ shaped spokes not only look great they also save weight and the front 120/70-12 and 130/70-12 rear tires also inject a different dynamic, both in terms of looks and performance. Hydraulic dual piston front and single piston rear brake calipers work front 220mm and rear 190mm discs.

Easy to read for its compact size the LCD digital dash delivers all the information the rider needs – speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and clock. Resetting the trip meters and clock, or alternation between odometer and trip meter is via switches either side of the display.

2017-2018 Honda Grom Photo Gallery (Custom Mods / Pictures Included)

3.2 Engine

The Grom’s 125cc two-valve air-cooled engine is based on one of Honda’s most well-proven power units; known for its fuel efficiency, ease of use and longevity. Further development of the engine for the Grom has resulted in improved fuel economy; the engine uses low-friction technology such as an offset cylinder and a roller-rocker arm for the valve gear. Reducing crank inertia has also resulted in improved throttle feel and a smooth power delivery.

Imparting a motorcycle feel to the Grom, the four-speed gearbox is managed via manual clutch and offers smooth and consistent gear changes. The 15T gearbox sprocket, 34T final drive sprocket and 12-inch wheels deliver lively around-town response plus the ability to travel slowly in a high gear – perfect for threading easily through tight traffic.

Sophisticated PGM-FI guarantees highly efficient combustion, and works in conjunction with both air intake and exhaust to deliver an involving experience at the throttle. The air intake connecting tube and funnel is divided in two, allowing its length to be optimized for consistent torque delivery at low and mid rpm. A large, 3-liter airbox and panel-type, wet paper filter provide reliable and quiet airflow; the filter itself has a life of 10,000 miles.

All in all the Grom’s engine packs a perfect blend of punchy roll-on performance with useful, accessible and fun all-round ability. The effort put into reducing internal friction and increasing intake and exhaust efficiency has also produced a highly economical unit.

4. Quick Overview of Features

2018 Honda Grom Feature Overview

  • 12-inch 10-spoke Wheels
    Tough and strong, these cast wheels and wide tires are just what the urban rider needs.
  • Inverted Fork Suspension
    Just like a top-of-the-line sportbike, the Grom features an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for control and road feel.
  • LED Headlight
    The Grom’s LED projector-style headlight not only looks great and is a major styling element, but it also provides superior illumination.
  • Multi-Function Digital Instruments
    Instrument display features speedometer, odometer, tachometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, and indicator for low/high beam.
  • 125cc Fuel-Injected Engine
    Nobody can match Honda’s reputation for engines, and even though the Grom may be compact, it’s a giant in terms of performance and reliability.
  • Fuel Capacity
    Who says being on a budget can’t be fun? With its 1.45-gallon fuel tank you can venture far and economically too.
  • Bodywork
    Aggressive bodywork, LED headlight and cowl, and a new low-mount muffler keep the 2018 Grom looking cooler than ever.
  • Four-Speed Transmission
    The Grom’s four-speed transmission gives you all the durability, control and efficiency of a conventional motorcycle.
  • Single Rear Shock
    Thanks to the Grom’s single hydraulic rear shock, you get a plush ride, even over choppy pavement.
  • Low Seat Height
    At just 30 inches the Grom makes it easy to flat-foot it in parking lots or at stop lights.
  • Two-Up Capability
    Want to share the fun with a friend? No problem—the Grom makes it easy to bring a passenger along.
  • LED Taillight
    Forget about big, bulky taillights—the Grom’s LED lamp is bright and clear.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    The Grom features 220mm front and 190mm rear single disc brakes for excellent stopping power.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
    New for 2018 is the addition of ABS on the Grom for added safety during emergency braking.

Custom Honda Grom / MSX Pictures


2018 Honda Grom Specifications
Model 2018 Grom 2018 Grom ABS
Type 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train SOHC; two-valve
Bore x Stroke 52.4mm x 57.9mm
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Induction PGM-FI w/ 24mm bore, automatic enrichment
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Driveline Chain final drive; 15T/34T
Transmission 4-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Front 31mm hydraylic telescopic inverted fork; 3.9 in. travel
Rear Single shock w/ steel box-section swingarm; 4.1 in. travel
Front Single 220mm hydraulic disc w/ two-piston caliper Single 220mm hydraulic disc w/ two-piston caliper; ABS
Rear Single 190mm hydraulic disc w/ single-piston caliper Single 190mm hydraulic disc w/ single-piston caliper; ABS
Front 120/70-12
Rear 130-70-12
Rake (castor angle) 25º
Trail 81mm (3.18 in.)
Length 69.3 in.
Width 29.7 in.
Height 38.9 in.
Seat Height 30 in.
Ground Clearance 6.5 in.
Wheelbase 47.2 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.45 gal. (.38 gal. reserve)
Curb Weight* 229 lbs. 234 lbs.
Colors Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Red, Pearl White, Bright Yellow Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Red
*Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride
Meets current CARB and EPA emissions standards