New 2017 & 2018 Motorcycles / News, Leaked Info, Rumors & Spy Photos | Update #2

– New 2017 Honda CBR Sport Bike | Motorcycles of the Future Update #2 –

Today, we kick off the second update to my 2017 / 2018 motorcycles of the future update with leaked model info, spy photos, rumors etc.

Young Machine has just released their June 2016 cover of their magazine and take a peek at what’s graced the cover… The possible 2017+ Honda CBR250RR! The model being referred to as the CBR250RR is the Honda “Light Weight Super Sports Concept” that was unveiled and released last year at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Young Machine has broken many and I mean many new motorcycles wide open before the information was ever released officially. The CBR250RR has now graced the cover of their magazine 4 times and mentioned inside the magazine on many more occasions. Maybe, just maybe… They are right this go-around too!

Will we see Honda release official information on the CBR250RR before EICMA or the Tokyo Motor Show this year? What do you guys think?

2017 - 2018 New Motorcycle News | CBR / CBR250RR - Sport Bike Leaked Info / Spy Photos & Rumors