2016 Honda Pioneer 700 vs 500 Drag Race Video | Side by Side Comparison

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– Honda Pioneer 700 vs Pioneer 500 Race –

I get asked more often than not “How much faster is the Pioneer 1000 than the Pioneer 700?” etc but deep down I’ve wondered how the Pioneer 500 would do against the 700 in a drag race.

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I compared theit horsepower numbers and power-to-weight figures recently than can be found here. When you do that comparison, they actually pair up to being a good race on paper. Yes, the Pioneer 700 makes more HP than the 500 but the 700 is also quite the porker when comparing weights. You also have to think about the gearing difference between the two as the 700 has a 3-speed automatic transmission against the 500 with a 5-speed automatic that you can change gears with via paddle-shifters. The paddle-shifters are nice but they are in no way anything like the true DCT transmission on the Pioneer 1000 that has paddle-shifters too.

Pioneer 1000 vs 700 Side by Side Race Video – Click Here

Keep in mind the Pioneer 500 has a top speed right at 40 MPH whereas the 700 has a slightly higher top speed coming in at 45 MPH. Naturally, it has to be a short drag race to keep things fair so we can compare acceleration and not top speeds.

Will the 5-speed transmission in the Pioneer 500 hurt its chances in a race against the 700 due to it having to change gears too frequently within such a short distance? Or will the shorter gearing help the Pioneer 500 jump out against the Pioneer 700 with its long legs thanks to its vary tall-geared 3-speed transmission? Check out the video below and see how it turned out…

– Pioneer 700 (SXS700) vs Pioneer 500 (SXS500M2) Side by Side / UTV Race –

Comment below and tell us what you think! Did you think the Pioneer 500 or 700 would win the drag race?

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