Official | 2017 Honda Motorcycles / New Model Lineup Announcement #5 – Sport, SuperSport, Cruiser, Touring & Dual-Sport Bikes

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– New 2017 Motorcycle Models Announced / Model Lineup Update #5 –

Honda has been BUSY! Honda has announced quite a few new 2017 Motorcycle Announcements the last couple of weeks between the EICMA 2016 Motorcycle Show last week and then with IMS 2016 (International Motorcycle Show) this week we’ve got even more 2017 Motorcycle News to go through. Below, you’ll see a list of #1 / #2 / #3 and #4 of Official 2017 Motorcycle Announcements so you can refresh your memory or if you haven’t seen them yet brush up on what’s already been announced as this list is only going to cover new 2017 bikes that have been announced over the last two weeks between EICMA & IMS 2016 shows.

We’ll be breaking down 2017 Motorcycles of all ‘categories’ whether it be 2017 Adventure Motorcycles, SuperSport CBR Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Touring Bikes, Scooters and everything in between.

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2017 Honda Side by Side Model Lineup – Click Here

Today, Honda introduced a pair of progressive customs that fuse tradition with groundbreaking new ideas and perspectives while providing ample scope for owner customization. Offering a fresh take on custom cool, the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 mix old- and new-school style and are engaging and fun to ride, with an outlook geared toward firing the imagination of a younger generation of riders.

Development for the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 began in the U.S., with the objective of referencing a timeless look while also introducing a forward-thinking, contemporary style all their own. Accessible, fun to ride and easy to live with, the models go their own way but are also blank canvases, ready for whatever their owners’ imaginations have in store.

“For many riders who have grown up through the digital age, motorcycles represent a lifestyle and an attitude, a means of expressing their individuality,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “The machines that speak to these riders need to reflect this, to fit with their life while also offering the potential for further individualization. The Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 are simple and raw, offering cutting-edge style and a radical image while minimizing the barriers to riding. There’s literally nothing else out there like them, and we’re confident that both models will appeal to young riders who want to stand out and are open to new experiences.”

– Previous 2017 Motorcycle Model Lineup Announcements #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 –

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Each of the models will have a Detailed Review Page that will specifically cover all of the Specs / Features / Pictures & Videos etc. You’ll see the links for each Model Review Page below that specific model so if you want all of the nitty-gritty specs make sure to check out their model-specific pages… * Some aren’t finished yet, check back within 24 hours. *

2017 Rebel 500 / Rebel 300

2017 Honda Rebel 500 Review / Specs - New Cruiser Motorcycle: Prices, Release Date, Colors

Simple and raw, Honda’s new Rebel models are exercises in straightforward, minimalist design where every detail matters. Low, lean silhouettes are crowned by iconic fuel tanks, aggressively raked front ends and fat tires on large-diameter wheels, along with a stamped-steel rear fender and narrow frame body, resulting in stripped forms that express offbeat individuality from every angle. The evocative round, glass headlight sits up high in a die-cast aluminum mount, the speedometer is a compact dial with negative LCD display and blue backlight, and the ignition is housed below the left side of the fuel tank. Everything that can be is blacked out. With a 471cc parallel twin, the Rebel 500 has strong bottom-end torque and a smooth, linear power delivery, while the Rebel 300 is powered by a peppy 286cc single cylinder engine. In both cases, the bikes’ riding positions are relaxed and neutral, with arms gently outstretched and feet dropping straight down to the mid-mounted pegs. The versatile Rebels are fun to ride slow and fast, great for day trips, jaunts to the coffee shops or even sporty sessions on winding roads; low weights, slim frames and short seat heights equal agility at lower speeds, whereas good ground clearances allow surprisingly sporty lean angles. Both the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 are available in standard and ABS versions.

More Details on 2017 Rebel 300 & 500 Models – Click Here


Detailed 2017 Rebel 500 Review – Click Here


Detailed 2017 Rebel 300 Review – Click Here

  • Colors
    • Rebel 500: Matte Silver, Bright Yellow, Black, Red
    • Rebel 500 ABS: Black
    • Rebel 300: Matte Silver, Matte Pearl White, Black, Red
    • Rebel 300 ABS: Black
  • *Rebel 300 Tentative Price: $4,399 (MSRP Announcement Dec. 2016)
  • *Rebel 500 Tentative Price: $5,999 (MSRP Announcement Dec. 2016)
  • Availability: April 2017

2017 CBR600RR

2017 Honda CBR600RR

American Honda is pleased to bring back the CBR600RR, which American PJ Jacobsen took to four podium finishes during the 2016 World Supersport Championship. Powerful, compact and responsive, the CBR600RR is offered in a new Red/Black color scheme for 2017. It’s available in standard and ABS versions.

Detailed 2017 CBR600RR Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CBR600RR Changes: New Colors
  • Colors: Red/Black
  • Price:
    • CBR600RR: $11,799
    • CBR600RR ABS: $12,799
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CBR500R

2017 Honda CBR500R

Offered in standard and ABS versions, the CBR500R boasts a sport-tuned chassis and a versatile DOHC parallel-twin engine with a good spread of power across the rev range. It’s an affordable, do-it-all street bike that’s great for new or experienced riders.

Detailed 2017 CBR500R Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CBR500R Changes: New Colors
  • Color: Red, Black/Candy Orange
  • Price:
    • CBR500R: $6,599
    • CBR500R ABS: $6,899
  • Availability: January 2017

2017 CBR300R

2017 Honda CBR300R

Whether customers choose the standard version or opt for available ABS, the CBR300R delivers huge fun in a small package. The single-cylinder powerplant sips fuel but has plenty of torque, while the low seat height and narrow cross section make it easy to put feet on the ground at stops.

Detailed 2017 CBR300R Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CBR300R Changes: New Colors
  • Colors: Red/Black
  • Price:
    • CBR300R: $4,499
    • CBR300R ABS: $4,999
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CB500F

2017 Honda CB500F

Featuring minimal bodywork, a classic riding position and a 30.9 inch seat height, the twin-cylinder CB500F is a great middleweight motorcycle with a versatile powerband that appeals to broad array of riders. Available in standard and ABS versions, the CB500F has an LED headlight and digital instrumentation.

Detailed 2017 CB500F Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CB500F Changes: New Colors
  • Color: Red
  • Price:
    • CB500F: $6,099
    • CB500F ABS: $6,399
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CB300F

2017 Honda CB300F

Anyone looking for the ideal model for an introduction to motorcycling would be hard-pressed to beat the CB300F, a fun naked bike that’s light, maneuverable and exhilarating to ride. With an efficient single-cylinder engine and a minimalist style, this bike proves that sometimes less really is more.

Detailed 2017 CB300F Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CB300F Changes: New Colors
  •  Color
    • CB300F ABS: Matte Silver
    • CB300F: Red
  • Price: $4,149
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 Africa Twin CRF1000L

2017 Honda Africa Twin

Since its introduction earlier this year, the CRF1000L has taken the industry by storm, earning accolades and winning magazine shootouts thanks to a “True Adventure” design philosophy that makes it equally adept at handling long-haul highway trips and dirt roads or trails. Based on consumer demand, Honda is now offering the White/Red/Blue Tricolor with gold wheels, as well as a new Candy Red option. Available in a standard version and one with Honda’s highly advanced automatic DCT gearbox, the Africa Twin is ready to wander as far as the imagination allows.

Detailed 2017 Africa Twin Review – Click Here

  • 2017 Africa Twin CRF1000L Changes: New Colors
  •  Color
    • Africa Twin: Red/Black/White, White/Red/Blue
    • Africa Twin DCT: Candy Red, Red/Black/White, White/Red Blue
  • Price: TBA
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 VFR1200X CrossTourer

2017 Honda VFR1200X DCT

An excellent machine for reeling off highway miles, the adventure-ready VFR1200X is loaded with features, including a powerful V4 engine, ABS, comfortable rider compartment and available automatic DCT gearbox. The VFR1200X comes with shaft drive and a one-hand-adjustable windscreen, and there’s a long list of available accessories.

Detailed 2017 VFR1200X Review – Click Here

  • 2017 VFR1200X Changes: New Colors
  • Color: Candy Red
  • Price:
    • VFR1200X: $15,999
    • VFR1200X DCT: $16,399
  • Availability: February 2017

2017 NC700X

2017 Honda NC700X

With a liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, integrated storage compartment and available ABS and automatic DCT gearbox, the revolutionary NC700X is an awesome commuter and an incredible explorer. Last model year, the NC700X got a larger windscreen, updated bodywork, a new front brake and a different muffler, and now it’s back in a striking new Candy Red color.

Detailed 2017 NC700X Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 NC700X Changes: New Colors
  • Color: Candy Red
  • Price:
    • NC700X: $7,699
    • NC700X ABS: $8,299
  • Availability: April 2017

2017 CB500X

2017 Honda CB500X Review / Specs - Adventure Motorcycle / Touring Bike - CB 500 X

The middleweight CB500X is an adventure-style motorcycle that’s a favorite with riders, thanks to its versatile capability, comfortable ride and can-do attitude. The 471cc parallel-twin DOHC powerplant offers plenty of torque, and the model is offered with available ABS.

Detailed 2017 CB500X Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 CB500X Changes: New Exhaust / Muffler & New Colors
  • Color: Candy Rose Red
  • Price: $6,099
  • Availability: May 2017

2017 Gold Wing F6B Deluxe

2017 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe

A truly original bagger that uses technology gathered from Honda’s Gold Wing, the F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner than that legendary touring machine. With an amazing horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine and a throaty exhaust note, the Gold Wing F6B Deluxe leaves other cruisers in its dust.

Detailed 2017 F6B Deluxe Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 F6B Deluxe Changes: New Colors
  • Color: Matte Pearl White
  • Price: $22,149
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 Fury

2017 Honda Fury

Guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, Honda’s long, lean and mean Fury has a distinctive look and lends itself to customization. Powered by a 1,312cc V-twin and available in standard and ABS iterations, the Fury is offered in two new colors for 2017.

Detailed 2017 Fury Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 Fury Changes: New Colors
  •  Color
    • Fury: Matte Black Metallic
    • Fury ABS: Candy Red
  • Price:
    • Fury: $10,299
    • Fury ABS: $11,299
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CTX700 DCT

2017 Honda CTX700 DCT

For those who think that riding a cruiser should be an exercise in expressing one’s individuality, the CTX700 DCT does the job. Though it has laid-back seating, forward-set pegs and a torque-rich twin-cylinder engine, its unique bodywork and automatic DCT gearbox mean it’s unlike any other cruiser on the market.

Detailed 2017 CTX700 DCT Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 CTX700 DCT Changes: None
  • Color: Candy Red
  • Price: $8,299
  • Availability: April 2017

2017 Ruckus

2017 Honda Ruckus

Rarely does a powersports product singlehandedly create its own subculture, but with a rugged, minimalist look that struck a chord with a disparate range of customers, that’s exactly what the Ruckus has done. Unique, fun and begging to be customized, the Ruckus features a fuel-sipping 49cc engine and Honda’s V-matic® automatic transmission.

Detailed 2017 Ruckus Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 Ruckus Changes: None
  • Color: Black, White/Red
  • Price: $2,699
  • Availability: February 2017

2017 Metropolitan

2017 Honda Metropolitan

Simultaneously cool and approachable, the stylish, smart Metropolitan features round lines and fun colors, but it also boasts practical touches like a 22 liter under-seat storage area, no-shift automatic transmission and a 49cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine.

Detailed 2017 Metropolitan Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

  • 2017 Metropolitan Changes: None
  • Color: Pearl White, Pearl Blue, Red
  • Price: $2,449
  • Availability: February 2017

2017 CRF250L Rally

2017 Honda CRF250 RALLY Review / Specs - HP & TQ Performance Info, Price, Release Date, Accessories - Adventure / Dual Sport Motorcycle

Based on the updated CRF250L, the CRF250L Rally adds a wide range of changes that make it a unique proposition in the market, with styling inspiration from the Team HRC CRF450 Rally race machine. At the front, the rally-type “floating” screen, fairing and radiator shrouds provide wind protection, with the rest of the machine showing off minimal MX style. The asymmetric headlights are LED, as are the turn signals. A large fuel tank allows extensive range, and the new digital dash includes a fuel gauge and tachometer. Long-travel suspension and high ground clearance enhance its long-distance off-road ability, and a larger floating front disc—plus ABS that can be switched off for the rear brake—delivers stopping power. The engine boasts solid bottom-end torque coupled with substantial top-end power, thanks to updates from the original CRF250L including revised PGM-FI and throttle body, a new airbox and a lightweight exhaust.

Detailed 2017 CRF250 Rally Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CRF250 RALLY Changes: New Model
  • Colors: Red/Black/White
  • Price: $5,899
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CRF250L

2017 Honda CRF250L Review of Specs / Changes - Dual Sport Motorcycle HP & TQ, Price, Accessories, Performance Info

With a light, slim package that’s able to easily maneuver through congested city streets, along with a confidence-inspiring seat height and suspension that deliver a fun and comfortable ride on rough tarmac and trails, the adaptable CRF250L is already an extremely popular dual-sport model, and it benefits from a number of upgrades for 2017. Visually, it’s strikingly different thanks to new graphics that match those of the revolutionary 2017 CRF450R motocross machine. Technically, a 38mm throttle body (2mm up from 2016) combines with a revised airbox, reshaped air boot, new muffler design and a larger-diameter exhaust head pipe to provide improved response and better power in the low and midranges. There’s a new ECU as well, and the meter assembly, taillight and license-plate holder have all been updated as well.

Detailed 2017 CRF250L Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CRF250L Changes: Engine, Aesthetics and More!
  • Color: Red
  • Price: $5,099
  • Availability: March 2017

2017 CBR1000RR

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Review of Changes / Specs - CBR 1000 RR Horsepower, Torque, Performance Info, Frame, Suspension - SuperBike CBR1000 / 1000RR

As is the case with the CBR1000RR SP, the CBR1000RR follows a “Next Stage Total Control” design philosophy that was achieved by updating 68% of the components. A 10 horsepower increase and a significant weight reduction result in a 14% better power-to-weight ratio, and much of the technology is derived from the RC213V-S. The engine has revised valve lift and cam timing, magnesium covers, a titanium muffler and a redesigned slipper clutch. The new electronic control system provides constant, selectable and fine-tunable rider support, utilizing a five-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that works the Honda Selectable Torque System (HSTC) to precisely manage rear-wheel traction via the FI-ECU and Throttle By Wire (TBW). Selectable Engine Brake, Riding Mode Select System and Power Selector are all standard. The titanium fuel tank from the SP version is utilized, and the rigidity balance of the aluminum frame has been adjusted. Showa suspension includes a 43mm large-volume BPF inverted fork and Balance Free Rear Cushion (BFRC) shock, and the highly rigid Tokico four-piston opposed radial-mounted front brake calipers have high-friction brake pads fitted. The CBR1000RR is available in both standard and ABS versions.

Detailed 2017 CBR1000RR Review – Click Here (base model)

Detailed 2017 CBR1000RR SP Review – Click Here

Detailed 2017 CBR1000RR SP2 Review – Click Here

  • 2017 CBR1000RR Changes: LOADS! 68% is All-NEW!
  •  Colors
    • CBR1000RR: Red/Black/White; Matte Black Metallic
    • CBR1000RR ABS: Matte Black Metallic
  • Price: $16,999
  • Availability: April 2017

* 2017 European Motorcycle / Scooter Models

Here’s a few new European 2017 Motorcycles from Honda that were just announced as well. Some may ask “Why are you even talking about European Motorcycles when we don’t get them in the USA?” and that’s a very good question. The reason why I mention them is because I’m not alone in always enjoying looking at what other countires around the world recive that we aren’t lucky enough to get our hands on here in the USA.

2017 X-ADV

2017 Honda X-ADV Review of Specs - New Adventure Automatic DCT Motorcycle / Scooter

The X-ADV is a new breed of motorcycle, that continues Honda’s long tradition of finding innovative ways to create products that enhance and enrich its customers’ lifestyles. It mixes rugged SUV style, off-road appeal and premium specifications, thanks to a tough chassis, long travel suspension, four-piston radial-mount brakes and a torque-laden 745cc twin-cylinder engine driving through Dual Clutch Transmission. The X-ADV is also equipped with a 5-level adjustable screen, underseat storage space for an off-road style helmet, hand guards, Rally-style instrument display, center stand, and the Honda Smart Key system. Designed at Honda’s Rome R&D center, its styling lines capture the essence of two-wheeled freedom in an exciting new form. 

Detailed 2017 X-ADV Review – Click Here

2017 CB650F

2017 Honda CB650F Review of Specs / Changes - Naked CBR Sport Bike StreetFighter - CBR650F / CBR650 / CB650

The 4-cylinder naked CB650F continues the long Honda tradition of stylish middleweights with a highly-tuned balance between engine power and chassis handling. For 2017, it receives a range of updates that make it tougher and sharper, with a more aggressive streetfighter attitude. New intake and exhausts increase top end power by 4 horsepower, with shorter gear ratios highlighting the increased performance through the mid-range. The engine note is stronger and louder, while the new Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork, upgraded brakes and a more forward riding position improve the handling. New stripped-back and aggressive styling lines put the engine completely on show, and full LED head and taillights add even more technical quality. 

Detailed 2017 CB650F Review – Click Here

2017 CB1100 RS

2017 Honda CB1100 RS Review / Specs - Retro & Vintage Style Motorcycle / Bike - CB1100RS / CB 1100

Honda’s new CB1100 RS delivers minimal, hand-crafted style and sporting edge with sharper chassis geometry, uprated 43mm Showa Dual Bending Valve two-piece front fork and remote reservoir rear shocks, plus 17-inch cast aluminum wheels and dual radial-mount four-piston brake calipers. The engine breathes through revised inlet and exhaust systems and is now equipped with an assist slipper clutch.

Detailed 2017 CB1100 RS Review – Click Here

2017 CB1100 EX

2017 Honda CB1100 EX Review / Specs - Retro & Vintage Style Motorcycle / Bike - CB1100EX / CB 1100

With its lines refreshed in exquisite detail the Honda CB1100 EX exudes even more classic style, and features new stainless steel spoke wheels, Showa suspension and LED lighting. Its evocative four-cylinder engine breathes through revised inlet and exhaust systems and is now equipped with an assist slipper clutch.

Detailed 2017 CB1100 EX Review – Click Here

2017 VFR800X Crossunner

2017 Honda VFR800X CrossRunner Review / Specs - Adventure Motorcycle / Bike VFR 800 X

Honda’s premium adventure sports tourer evolved substantially for 2015, with a host of upgrades designed to deliver more hard-riding excitement. It featured more mid-range torque and top-end power from its upgraded V4-VTEC engine, sharper adventure styling plus refined ergonomics and longer travel suspension, new wheels and brakes. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, ABS, full LED lighting, 5-stage heated grips, self-cancelling indicators and a height-adjustable seat were all fitted as standard. For 2017, a DC charger and adjustable windscreen are added, and the engine is EURO4 compliant. On the 2017 VFR800X you have a couple color options: New Matte Ballistic Black Metallic and Candy Prominence Red for the crossover-styled middleweight.

Detailed 2017 VFR800X CrossRunner Review – Click Here

2017 VFR800F

2017 Honda VFR800F

The legendary VFR800F was completely updated for 2014 with a sharp, contemporary looks, a brand new telescopic fork, Pro-arm swingarm, wheels and bodywork. Plus, adjustable seat height, standard-fit Traction Control System, ABS, heated grips and Honda’s unique self-cancelling indicators. It also shed 7kg compared to the previous model, with the engine re-tuned for greater low and mid-range torque. For 2017 a new silver colour is available, a DC charger socket added and the engine is EURO4 compliant. New Digital Silver Metallic for the 2017 VFR800F Interceptor, the original Sports Touring machine.

Detailed 2017 VFR800F Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 Integra

2017 Honda Integra

Yes, you’re not going crazy… The ‘Integra’ name sounds familiar because Honda built what we knew as the Acura Integra car from the late 1980’s up until 2001 here in the USA and was an extremely popular automobile with GSR and Type R versions that are still highly-sought after to this day. Long story short, Honda decided to recycle that nameplate and put it to use here… Honda’s unique Integra received an extensive update for 2016, with changes including LED lighting, new Showa Dual Bending Valves front forks and LCD instruments with personalized color options. The Dual Clutch Transmission received 3-level S mode, plus further software upgrades in both MT and AT riding modes. The frugal 750cc parallel twin was given EURO4 compliance and a revised exhaust muffler added a much deeper tone. For 2017, the Integra will be available in a new Candy Prominence Red.

Detailed 2017 Integra Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 NC750X

2017 Honda NC750X

Honda’s ultimate commuting motorcycle was made more adventurous and even more practical for 2016 with a tough new look, LED lighting, revised front fork damping, expanded storage compartment plus LCD instruments with personalized color options. The Dual Clutch Transmission machine received 3-level S mode, plus further software upgrades in both MT and AT riding modes. The frugal 750cc parallel twin gained EURO4 compliance and a revised exhaust muffler adding a much deeper tone. For 2017, the NC750X will be available in a new Candy Prominence Red.

Detailed 2017 NC750X Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 NC750S

2017 Honda NC750S

Honda’s user-friendly naked commuter NC750S received an extensive update for 2016, including EURO4 compliance and LCD instruments with personalised colour options, plus two Special Edition two-tone paint editions with LED lighting. The Dual Clutch Transmission machine received 3-level S mode and further software upgrades in both MT and ATriding modes. A short, pentagon-shape exhaust muffler added a deeper tone. For 2017, the NC750S will be available in a new Candy Prominence Red.

Detailed 2017 NC750S Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 SH300i

2017 Honda SH300i

The SH300i was significantly updated in 2015 to offer faster acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, a sharper outlook from revised bodywork and full LED lighting, plus improved practicality thanks to a Honda Smart Key system, standard-fit ABS and internal storage for a full-face helmet. The revised engine was Honda’s first EURO4 compliant unit. For 2017, three new colors add to its enduring appeal: New Matte Pearl White, Lucent Silver Metallic and Pearl Splendor Red for the flagship of the million-selling SH scooter range.

Detailed 2017 SH300i Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 SH150i

2017 Honda SH150i

One of Europe’s most popular scooters gets an updated look and LED lighting, plus improved performance and EURO4 compliance. It also gains Honda Smart Key technology and a larger glove box housing an DC charger.

Detailed 2017 SH150i Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 Vision

2017 Honda Vision 110

Three important members of Honda’s commuter range receive substantial upgrades for 2017. The Vision now benefits from the use of Honda’s eSP – enhanced Smart Power – engine, which improves torque and power throughout the rev range. A bigger floor, repositioned foot pegs and new grab rails improve comfort, while brakes and suspension have also been upgraded. A complete restyling gives the Vision a more contemporary look.

Detailed 2017 Vision 110 Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 Forza 125

2017 Honda Forza 125

Europe’s best-selling premium 125 scooter, the Forza 125, has its premium specifications and performance enhanced even further with the use of the Honda Smart Key system, more progressive rear suspension, and new Michelin City Grip tires. A range of updates for the high performance 125cc scooter designed to offer more than the others: more all-round, class-leading performance from its 4-valve engine and lightweight chassis designed for the perfect balance of highway-performance and around-town agility; more visual appeal from its cutting edge style and premium full LED lights; and more practicality, with comfort for two, adjustable screen and massive storage capacity. Plus a low friction engine with Idling Stop for fuel efficiency and 310 mile (500 km) tank range. The EURO4-compliant 2017 model receives Honda Smart Key technology, revised rear suspension, new Michelin tyres and 3 new colors.

Detailed 2017 Forza 125 Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 SH Mode 125

2017 Honda SH Mode 125

Two new colors and EURO4 compliance for 2017 for the high-fashion scooter big on style and easy-to-use manners with low seat height, light weight, flat floor, 16-inch front wheel, storage room for a full-face helmet, plus CBS braking and ultra-efficient 125cc four-stroke engine incorporating Idling Stop. New Matte Techno Silver Metallic and Candy Nobel Red for the stylish, lightweight, accessible SH Mode 125.

Detailed 2017 SH Mode 125 Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 MSX125 ABS

2017 Honda MSX125 Review of Specs - Price - Release Date - Motorcycle / Naked Sport Bike StreetFighter 125cc

Compact, easy to ride and practical thanks to full-sized motorcycle parts, the MSX125 was an instant worldwide success in 2013. It is designed for young riders, featuring an economical low-friction engine, four-speed gearbox plus an attitude and style like no other. For 2016, new, more angular design lines, unique stacked LED headlight and a compact, under-slung exhaust combined to give the MSX125 a sharper, new ‘mini streetfighter’ look that fully retained the charm of the original, but with added attitude. For 2017, ABS brakes and EURO4 compliance are new additions to the MSX125’s appeal.

Detailed 2017 MSX125 / MSX125SF Review – Click Here

2017 CB125

2017 Honda CB125

The CB125F was extensively revised for 2015 with CB-F family ‘naked’ style plus a responsive new chassis and six-spoke 18-inch wheels. Built for real-world usability, its air-cooled engine delivers strong low to mid-range torque, features a balance shaft and revised PGM-FI settings and is now EURO4 compliant for 2017. A gear position indicator was added for further practicality. Build quality was also enhanced, while purchase and ownership costs are outstandingly attractive. CBS brakes are added for 2017.

Detailed 2017 CB125 Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

2017 SH125i

2017 Honda SH125i

The big-wheel, flat-floored SH125i – Europe’s best-selling 125 scooter in 2016 – also adopts the Honda Smart Key system for 2017. The 2017 SH125i gets and updated look with LED head and taillight give an even more sporty, elegant look, and practicality is improved with a charger socket and increased storage space. The SH125i also has improved performance and EURO4 compliance for 2017. It also gains Honda Smart Key technology and a larger glove box housing a DC charger.

Detailed 2017 SH125i Review – Click Here (Coming Soon)

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